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::REVIEW:: Holika Holika – Black Snail Hydrogel Mask!

Hi bunnies! Today is a very expensive freebie!! I got this at Holika Holika for spending $100? It’s been awhile I can’t remember. But I spent a lot at this place to get this free gift with purchase! This is the Black Snail Repair Travel Kit! It comes with one Prime Youth Black Snail Repair Hydro-Gel Mask (I am reviewing here) and a Black snail toner, serum and cream! Let’s get…

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Hunnyy Nail Design Batch #2!

Hi bunnies! Here is my second batch of Hunnyy Nail designs! I love these looks so much! I do have an etsy store for my nail looks so let me know if you want me to put these in my store for sale~ for right now im not doing much on there besides my BTS nails <3 Here are the names of each look – Sailor Pink Nails – pink…

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My Journey to Make Beauty My Life pt.1

It is currently  1:28am Sunday March 22nd, 2020 and I am trying to get draft and schedule as many blog posts as I can during the self-quarantine.  I have 66 blog posts scheduled so far. My company has been letting me work from home for the past week so I have been loving it. Not commuting to my office every day has blossomed my personal blogging time. Let me explain…

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::Design By Hunnyy:: BTS & Hello Kitty Nails!

Hi bunnies!  How are  you all holding up staying at home? I’m spending a lot of my time working on a lot of nail designs!  Here’s my most recent! I call this  design ‘Hello Army’! hehe ^^ So this was more just to test out the new alphabet nail parts I got in the mail. I bought them for my birthday about a month ago and I got the alphabet…

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Those of you who transferred from to .org –

Did you lose your followers/subscribers?? Did your view count  actually go up?? I’m seriously considering it but I can’t find actual reviews  on how well it works. I can find tutorials on how to do it but no testimonies on the effects of it. Lemme  know in the comments below please! Any feedback is much appreciated!! xoxoxo, hunnyy CONTACT- Lets be friendsss on: Twitter: @hihunnyy Instagram: @hunnyybeauty Pinterest: @hihunnyy Youtube!!: @hunnyybeauty

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::YOUTUBE:: DIY Nail Wraps from Aliexpress! – SO CHEAP BUT IT WORKSSS!

Hi bunnies!! Who else is on self-quarantine?! LOL I have not been leaving the house for daysss. I’m on week two of staying at home and it leaves a lot of time to do my nails!! I got this nail wraps/stickers from Aliexpress for 0.69$!! SOOO CHEAP but they look sooo good!! Enjoy the video, I will have an update next week of how well these nails held up!! What…

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::SPRING FLOWERS:: Nail Design!

Hi bunnies! How y’all holding up in this virus lockdown ordeal? I know for a lot of you who are actually staying home and social distancing you might get a little stir crazy (I kind of am), here is a fun nail look! So these gigantic nail stickers I got at the craft store YEARS AGO but never had a use for them? I thought why not just stick them…

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::REVIEW:: Dreamworks – Shrek Clay Mask Pack!

Hi bunnies! THIS MASK IS CRAZYY. This is the Olive Young I’m The Real Shrek Clay Mask Pack! I have so many picture of this mask, let’s get started- SPECS: 110 grams $13 on Amazon Meant for pore cleaning and sebum control Olive Young collab with Dreamworks Apply to wet face, avoid eye areas, wash off after 3-5 minutes HUNNYYMASK EXPERIENCE: Is opening the packaging easy? Yes Does the mask…

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::REVIEW:: Tony Moly – Nutra-Energy Mask With 2PM!

Hi Bunnies! Today’s mask review is the Tony Moly – Floria Nutra-Energy Mask! This has 2PM on the packaging! LOL This was a free mask I got as a gift with purchase at Tony Moly in Korea. Let’s get into the review! SPECS: Contains argan oil No longer available at Tony Moly Collabo with the Kpop band 2PM Hunnyy Mask Experience: Is opening the packaging easy? Yes! Does the mask…

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::Hunnyy:: Nail Inspiration! 3D Nail Art!

Hi bunnies! My nail designs are back in full force! I have so much content saved up and this is the first batch! We have: Hunnyy Sunshine – Yellow nails with silver hearts & blue ribbons Sunset Hunnyy – a metallic orange with yellow ribbons Ballroom – magenta red sparkle nails with golden jewels Hello Kitty Blue! – navy blue nails with Hello Kitty charm and golden hearts! I always…