Hi bunnies!! Over the years I’ve taken thousands of pictures on my makeup shopping adventures! I’m planning on posting these over the next few months! Here is the first batch! This is Myeongdong Korea! Anyway I hope you guys liked today’s post! Be sure to follow me at the belowRead More →

Hi bunnies! Last year my hubby & I flew to Chicago to have a photoshoot in anticipation of our wedding! It was about a year of preparation and a very pricey trip! What I Learned: Definitely talk to multiple multiple companies/photographers. Watch videos/reviews of the company you want to workRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s post is a throwback of when cushions were first starting out in the beauty world! These are the Innisfree Cushions & cushion cases my cousin gifted me <3 Are brands still pushing customizing cases for your cushions? I remember when they had stickers you could get justRead More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is the Tony Moly – Megatox Bright Shot Ampoule Mask. This mask retails for about $4 for one mask. I picked up a few of these solely because of the packaging lol. It is in the shape of a needle, unique concept! The mask is 23Read More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review is Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Sleeping Pack! Deep moisture edition! You know what’s hilarious? I emptied this product a while ago and I totally forgot this was a sleeping pack. It just feels like a deep moisture cream. The good thing about that is itRead More →

Please don’t lose yourself. Don’t be one of those women whose whole identity is washed away in being a mother and wife. Keep your marriage intact and thriving. Don’t be rude and take advantage of husbands patience & help. At the same time cherish every moment because kids grow fast.Read More →

Hi bunnies! Today’s review It’s Skin – Babyface Mini Love Eyeshadow in #17 – Lemonade! I haven’t tried many It’s Skin eyeshadows so let’s see how this one holds up! This line comes in 20 shades and they all look very glittery! This yellow color definitely has the glitter! It’sRead More →