Hey lovelies!~ So I absolutely hate posts that are like 5 things you need for clear skin! or 7 ways to brighten your life! and like half of those things are obvious and filler information. I’m a college girl with a job- life is busy to say the least. IRead More →

I was nominated for the Libster Award by Sam. Thanks very much! Although i’m not too sure what this is, its been the third time i’ve been nominated so I figured I’d post this~ 11 Questions: – Where are you from? I’m Korean but I am American, born and raised^^ –Read More →

…….WHAT…… yeah you read that right. I saw the article myself yesterday and while it was really shocking it kind of wasn’t at the same time.. First of all, that friend is nasty cause she doesn’t clean her makeup brushes very well. Second, what is you doing letting your friendRead More →

This shit is bomb. Who knew Dreamworks cared about our skin?! 🙂 In case you were wondering, it is legit, the Dreamworks copyright logo is all over this thing. I think they partnered with Oliveyoung for the production. They also sell different Dreamworks characters- I have a video trying theRead More →

Hey babycakes. Just a quick reminder not to believe everything you see on ads. Long story short, they’re all full of shit. Seriously. Those skincare commercials that claim their foundation is “clinically proven” to reduce your wrinkles and heal your skin are all crap. I have read so many booksRead More →

Hello world! I hope this posts because my laptop is acting very strange..Anywayss~ First off the Etude House makeup! Etude House Jelly Lips-Talk JOR201 새콤달콤 오!오렌지(Sweet oh! Orange) 5/5 stars!! I lovee this lipstick! Probably my favorite of the two. Like its name it has a jelly consistency, and veryRead More →

Guess who just turned 21!! This gal~ And my friend Sangeun in Korea is an angel who sent me a box of skincare goodies! I just finished taking all the pictures and I’m still testing the stuff out but here is a sneak peek! Products include facemasks, cleansers, eyeliner, lipsticks BrandsRead More →