hey hunnyy!

Very first post on hunnyy.wordpress.com!!

Current favs= EOS lip balm is saving my life these winter months. although i do need to put it on several times a dayy! and the smell is CRAZY amazing πŸ™‚

Comment with your favorite winter staple!

-xoxo hunnyy~

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Sweet Like Hunnyy~ | Beauty Blogger | 피뢀도 μŠ€μœ„νŠΈν•˜κ²Œ~

3 thoughts on “hey hunnyy!

  1. My favourite lip balms has to be Aritaum Ginger Sugar Lip Balm: smells AHH-MAI-ZING and take care of my dry chapped lips.
    I ordered 3 of their Honey Melting Tint lip balm, can’t wait to receive them.


      1. Really?! It’s all the rage in Korea…! I order them from Jolse, they have great customer service, and give a lot of free sample (lotion, serums, bb creams) to try out, depending on the total of your purchase. I went crazy on their 2+1 event (buy 2 get one free) and spent 100$+ CDN…!


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