::REVIEW:: Dreamworks Shrek Hydrogel Mask!

::REVIEW:: Dreamworks Shrek Hydrogel Mask!This shit is bomb. Who knew Dreamworks cared about our skin?! :) In case you were wondering, it is legit, the Dreamworks copyright logo is all over this thing. I think they partnered with Oliveyoung for the production.20150309_1647081.jpg

They also sell different Dreamworks characters- I have a video trying the Puss N’ Boots Mask Sheet here!

Back to the Shrek Mask-I opened it up and was like WHOA. When they say hydrogel, they’re not kidding. It is like a yellow/green mask that feels really heavy and gel-like. The moment you put it on your face you know moisture is coming your way. It actually felt really warm after a while. Left it on my face for about 25 minutes and I would definitely recommend it to my dry skin sistas~ Plus there was a bunch of leftover goodness in the package that I put to good use on my neck and hands! I give this a solid 5/5 starssss!

FYI- no i didn’t look like shrek afterwards..lol that would have been awesome though. Here’s a pic after use-
heyhunny shrek mask

looks wierd i know..but every facemask looks wierd when you spread it out on a surface like this lol

Have you guys gotten your hands on this product yet? Lemme know in the comments below!!

-xoxo hunnyy

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    1. I actually got it as a gift for my birthday. But i just did a quick search and you can buy this online!! 🙂

      1. kudos to the gift giver! okay, great, thanks for letting me know 😀

  1. Intresting! Trying would be fun! I nominated you for the liebsters award ^_^ Do check out my blog!

  2. Fun! Thanks for sharing – and thanks for liking my post on where food comes from. Hope we see more of each other’s work, hunny!

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