::HUNNYBASE:: Basics!

hunny basics

Hey lovelies!~

So I absolutely hate posts that are like 5 things you need for clear skin! or 7 ways to brighten your life! and like half of those things are obvious and filler information. I’m a college girl with a job- life is busy to say the least. I don’t have time to fiddle through useless information I am already aware of. Therefore I am making a Basics post that will entail every little minuscule obvious health benefits so that instead of being one of those annoying filler people I will just provide a link to THIS POST. Deal? Deal.

Water – Drink a lot. Everyday.

Sleep – Sleep is important. Sleep around 6-8 hours a day depending on your age.

Exercise – Exercise everyday if you can. If you’re busy, try to dance to any music you hear and just move around a lot in general. Stand up as much as you can.

Mental Health – Take time to relax and indulge in what you love. Peace of mind. Lessen your stress! A problem is only as big as you think it is.

Eat Healthy – Your diet is immensely important for your body, your mind, for your future. I drink green smoothies to get my veggie intake~

I’m pretty sure that’s it~ If I can think of any more mind-numbingly obvious information I will update~ lol



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