Renting an apartment for the first time

Okay so I know this isn’t a beauty related post but this had to be done. I wish I’d known these things before I rented a room for the first time.

I recently spent a semester living near campus and it was quite an experience. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal since the expenses would be just rent, food and utilities but omg it was ridiculous..


Thankfully I found a room in a townhouse for really cheap. The rent was just under $400 a month and utilities were under $80. It was a regular old townhouse near my school and work so I took a look at the place and signed my contract. Everything was fine…until I actually moved in. Im going to keep things brief:

Rent: Was owed the first of the month. I had no problems with the rent check going through.

Utilities: I got hit about twice a month for utilities which all seemed reasonable but the last month I lived there I felt like I paid 3 or 4 times for the same water and electricity bills..I actually moved out 3 weeks early out of pure discomfort and yet I still paid for utilities. Don’t think because you moved out you are out of any responsibilities. I paid for the months written in my contract because I’d rather pay and live back at my parents house than stay at that hellhole.

Food: Sharing fridge space sucks. Cooking in a dirty kitchen sucks. Spending so much money on food sucks. I tried coupons and all kinds of stuff to save money on food. It worked since I budgeted well~

Miscellaneous Expenses: THIS IS WHAT BLOWS ME. There were so many fees that the home owner did not disclose and I had to find out through my roommates. Spackling the room walls after I moved out, paying for cable cancellation fees, paying to mow the lawn twice, it never ends. I moved out over a month ago and I am still getting text messages from roommates about paying for the lawn.

Roommates: were the devil. Really really disliked my roommates. First, they had 3 cats combined. I’m not hating on cats, I’m hating on the roommates. They NEVER cleaned up after these felines.. They never cleaned in general. I cleaned the floors, bathroom and tabletops every week. After I realized I was the only one cleaning I stopped cleaning (except for the shower). It was ridiculous that I lived with three girls and they were all so lazy and dirty. Cat hair was on the couches, on the floors, in the kitchen..everywhere you could possibly imagine. During the semester I lived there I never went barefoot outside of my personal bedroom. That is how gross it was.

Condition of the house: It was a stinky old townhouse that clearly has not been cared for over the years. The stairs creaked, there was water damage on the ceilings, the toilet would break every other week. It was a nightmare.

Owner: The owner of the house was very difficult to deal with. I moved out over a month ago and he still has not returned my security deposit. He forced us to pay for mowing the grass TWICE after we all moved out of the house. He was impossible to reach through email too.

Overall…if you can..just stay in your parents’ house. Don’t try and move out before you’re ready. And move in with people you know and trust. Go over the rental contract with a fine toothed comb. I will be glad when I never have to hear from my roommates or townhouse owner ever again.

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  1. what an experience you got in to. but i kinda feel bad for the cats for having irresponsible owners. 🙁

    1. yeah me too.. one time the cat peed on the dinner table and my friend told me that only happens when the cat feels neglected..

  2. Omg these girls are such bitches.

    1. I KNOW. They were just dirty and im glad i dont live there anymore

  3. So sorry about that experience of yours, but with that experience you are giving everybody a very smart advice about it.Good Job!

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