Dr.Jart+ Rejuvenating BB Cream Miniview


So I know this is an older version (silver label) but I’m almost done with the bottle so I thought I’d write the review!

It is a whitening effect and has SPF 35 PA++ so it doesn’t provide the highest level of protection but it’ll keep you good for an hour or so. And I love that it comes in a squeeze bottle so no bacteria is spread inside or anything. 20160610_191420_wm.jpg

Of course since it is a BB Cream it has the oxidation grayish hue when you first put it on your face, but it is very slight. In a few minutes it turns into an ivory shade that fits my skin tone. See swatch on paper below:


As for long term use, it gives light coverage and lasts for most of the day. Definitely not waterproof though..lol. Also I would recommend using concealer before applying BB Cream for spots or acne.

Alrighty that’s it!!! Let me know if you’ve tried this or any other products from Dr.Jart~




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