Etude House 8 in 1 Multi-Function CC Cream Miniview!

Ohh Etude House…how you have failed me..



20160702_131117_wm.jpgI have had these samples for a while and finally put it to use. And everything went downhill from there πŸ™

So this is what the product actually looks like. White with little bits of what looks like sand. It casts a very white look on the face too..not a good look. It is more Casper ghostly than pretty&pale.


It spreads pretty well and provides light coverage so it doesn’t hide any acne or spots or REDNESS(i hate you..;;). Smell-wise? Reminds me of sunscreen to be honest lol.

After wearing it allllll day my conclusion is that this CC Cream sucks. It completely wore off! Like I wasn’t wearing anything at all, all my redness came shining through..grrr.. Totally disappointed because I usually love Etude House products. I still have some left to use but probably won’t use it..sighhh..


I give it a 2/5 starss only because it has spf! Lucky lucky youu~





  1. Okay, so like what is CC cream even for? Like there’s BB cream too… :/

    1. Cc cream is “color control” so its marketed towards reducing redness or discoloration. In my experience bbcreams gives less coverage and cc creams are more fluffier in texture and harder to find one that matches ur skin tone

      1. Oh really? I’ve always thought that BB creams are for covering most blemishes and like CC cream is kind of an extra (?) but I’m not so sure anyway.. I got the BB cream sample from Etude House (which I haven’t tried though, because I’ve heard people say that BB creams make skin oily)

      2. I dont think etude house bbcreams make me oily. Try it! Lemme know if it works!

      3. Okay I’ll try it if I can find the time to haha! Thanks though~

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