::REVIEW::BubzBeauty’s Be Palette!

PhotoGrid_1475973161913.jpgBehold! the Be Eyeshadow Palette from Bubzbeauty and BH Cosmetics! I freaking love Bubzbeauty. She is my absolute number one guru and role model and I‘ve watched her youtube for years..ever since i was in high school and im about to graduate college now so that’s how long its been!^^

I bought this palette legit the hour it was released. It was so inexpensive too!!  Only about 12 dollars without shipping.  So a review && swatches here we gooo!



This is the front of the palette~ like a champagne rose color~ very lightweight and petite!


This is the package it came in~! I was geeking out when it was finally delivered haha

So there are 12 colors total. Most of them are shimmery shadows and only about three are matte colors. They’re all neutral colors too. The odd man out is the purple magenta shade on the bottom right. My personal favoriteee shade is Able. It is this copper shimmer golden shade that is sultry and makes my eyes look so goooood!!



The top shade towards my wrist is called Happy. Happy is the far left top row on the palette itself. The swatches go from left to right then top to bottom. Confusing? Yeah, me too. So from my wrist to my elbow the colors go like this:

Happy (Yellow shimmer)











Kind (Purple)

On the back of the palette it says the eyeshadows can go for about 24 months before they expire. The palette itself is cruelty free as well!! Music to my earsss yayay!

Here are some more pictures of what the colors look like~~


The more I look at my fingers the weirder they look..

Alrighty so there it is! Did anyone else get this palette? Let me know in the comments below!



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