::REVIEW:: Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara

20150211_144409Happy Sunday!~~

Here we have my favorite mascara ever ever ever in history. Want a sad story? I lost this during my trip in Korea.. i think my roommates jacked it..LOL sike. I probably forgot to pack it and it’s still in the hostel πŸ™ My life..

Although I don’t physically own this mascara anymore doesn’t mean I love it any less.! I will buy another one cause its that gooood. Its freaking pricey though. I am not made of money so $20 for mascara SUCKS. But its so worth it!!!!!!


So this is a waterproof black mascara and it works hella good. With this mascara on I have cried, walked in the rain, sweated~you name it I’ve done it! And there is almost no raccoon eyes or smears! The mascara stays on like a dreammm. Since it’s waterproof there is a lot of wax in this product so it keeps my curl held all day! I love this mascara..ughh…<3
20150211_144445.jpgHonestly it doesn’t do much for curl length for me personally~ But it might for people with naturally long lashes or fake lashes.

Two layers of this is more than enough to do the trick. Shit, this mascara is so good you can even put it on your bottom lashes with no fear of smudging !!

Packaging is pretty good, the wand doesn’t take out too much product but the bristles are really short so you might want to wipe excess off with a tissue before application.

And don’t forget! Since it is a waterproof product you need a really good cleansing oil to gently clean your lashes! Then regular cleanser to wash the rest of your facee~

Back of the box for anyone who wanted more information πŸ™‚

Definitely good otherwise. 5/5 love it love it love it!

Until next timeee!!! Bye bunnies!

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