::REVIEW:: It’s Skin Cookie & Cream Hand Cream

photogrid_1478271137853COOOOKIES AND CREAMMMMM<3 oh my gah i love this shit. I legit bought 5 of these. There are actually three versions of this hand cream. Original, Strawberry && Mint. The Strawberry and Mint scents don’t smell as good so I didn’t get them. It didn’t smell like strawberries or mint to me or my friends so I was like nahhh.

The original however is like ecstasy. Smells like actual cookies and cream. Like an Oreo cookie times 10. UGH As soon as I smelled it at the store I had to have it.


Isn’t the packaging so cute?! The tops are like little fluffs of cream! I know it’s a hand cream but I actually use this on my arms and legs. No shame. LOL it’s THAT good. 

Funny story~ when I was buying these at the It’s Skin store these two Chinese girls were buying the entire store. (It’s common for Chinese tourists to buy massive amounts of Kbeauty. Literally buying entire shelves of products)

So these two Chinese girls are getting help from the employees to gather all the products they wanted to buy. I already had all five of these creams in my basket so there were none left in stock. I was in line for the cashier and one of the Chinese girls comes over to me, reaches into my basket and grabs my hand cream. I was about to pop off. Like BTCH you bout to start a fight. I thought it was soooo rude she just came over and snatched it out of my basket. Turns out she just wanted to show the employee that she wanted one too. Regardless! At least make eye contact with me to show me you mean no harm! lol.


This is the inside of the jar~ The jar itself is a thin hard plastic. Inside there is plenty of cream to fill the whole container. 80 mls total. It actually looks like cookies&cream ice cream!! It smells so divine~~~ I use this everyday just because it puts me in such a good mood.

The hand cream is not very thick so it doesn’t feel heavy or overbearing which I prefer. I have been using these cream on my arms and legs for about three months now and I am halfway through the jar so that’s hella good. If you only use this on your hands it should last you a whole year.


When I first applied it to my hand I thought it would leave a dark residue from the black dots but when I rubbed it in it went away completely. It takes about three circular motions for it to blend seamlessly into my hands. The scent stays for about five minutes then it is barely noticeable throughout my day.


See? It’s like nothing there!

Another thing I love about It’s Skin is that it is skin safety tested so it can be used for sensitive skin too. No worries about irritation or swelling. I have really dry legs and this cream makes them feel so smooth!


As for price..I don’t remember paying a pretty penny for it.. It was definitely less than $10 for one tub. Looking online it sells for about $9. Honestly I think it’s worth it just because I love cookies&cream so much. Urban Outfitters && Sephora actually sells this on their websites so buying this in the States should be a piece of cake!


The label says after you open the container this cream lasts twelve months so I should be set for the next five years!! yayyy!


See? Not kidding about getting five of them haha.

Oh my goodness I could talk about this cream all dayyy. This is one of the few products I bought from It’s Skin and judging from this they are doing something right!!

Until next time!

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  1. Oh that sounds lovely.
    And she just came up and took it out of your basket? The nerve. She should have asked first.
    I’m not going to buy it, well because I live in Nigeria and there’s a lot of uncertainty concerning the exchange rate. It keeps rising higher and higher in proportion to our currency. But lucky for me; I gave an alternative- http://insearchofperfecthair.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/review-anies-handmade-store/.
    Nice review though. 👍


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