::REVIEW:: Guardian Healing Sleeping Mask

This brand I’ve never heard of before- Guardian. But I saw this and thought it’d help me sleep during my summer in Korea! It cost a pretty penny..like $10 dollars which I thought was ridiculous at first.


I bought it at Olive Young because my roomies liked to sleep late and I personally need pitch black to fall asleep. I wanted to get just any blindfold-type thing to keep my vision dark but Olive Young only had this.

It’s basically a sleeping mask with a gel pack that can be inserted into the mask. The gel can be used warm or cold. I put mine in the fridge and then put it on right before I sleep. It was actually really pleasant ๐Ÿ™‚ It also had the little string so the mask wouldn’t fall off during the night.


You can also choose not to use the gel pack at all. It’ll feel a lot lighter without it honestly because during the night I would just take the gel pack off to relieve the weight off my face.

Another negative thing was I would get this crease line on my forehead from the mask. Definitely not a good thing if you have to go to work first thing in the morning..be looking like you slept on a pile of books or something..

If you travel often in cars or planes this would be a smart buy. If you don’t travel much and need a cheap fix like me, go to another store looking for a sleeping mask. I was just lazy and Olive Young was the closest store near my hostel haha.

All in all for a sleeping mask it does its job~ Would I advertise this using the word “healing”? Not really. Kind of misleading. But whatever, worked fine for me!

xoxo, hunnyy

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