Han River && seeing Running Man cast filming!


Hello peoples! I come bringing beautiful pictures from Seoul’s Han River! The most historic and famous river in Korea! It is like the Central Park of Korea. Everyone goes here to exercise, hang out, eat, see the sights or just relax. It stretches so far I walked half an hour down one side and still couldn’t see where it ended.  During my trip I came here twice and the second time I legit spent all day here. AND I SAW THE CAST OF RUNNING MAN FILMING A NEW EPISODE. Coolest shit ever.

Running man cast & crew!!

Here is the money shot! This is as close as I could get because production stopped me haha. Literally they told me to stop filming video so I had to put my phone down. I really didn’t want to be a spaz but these were the biggest celebrities I’ve ever seen! I got excited for a second..lol


For those of you who do not know Running Man it is a popular South Korean variety show where celebrities run around  Korea doing missions and challenges. It’s like a big puzzle/tag game. I used to watch it when it first came out but after a few years the challenges were the same thing over and over again. The main cast are all pretty famous and talented though! The show is mostly popular with foreigners and a Chinese spinoff was even made to air in China.

So how I got to witness Running Man! It was such a coincidence! I was hanging around Han River with my buddy that day and as we were walking around I saw this crew talking to older gentlemen holding a blue man figure. I thought it looked similar to the Running Man figures that they sometimes feature on the show. The crew also had clipboards and headsets with the Running Man logo. I was like no wayyy… and just brushed it off. It wasn’t until I saw this camera man that I was like OH SHIT! it’s lit!!

They filmed an episode of The Return of Superman here too!

So after standing around for five minutes waiting to see if anything would happen my friend and I went into a cafe on the river. It was a cute cafe inside of a boat! Totally awesome. We sat and ate for about an hour and a half inside the boat. The angle in which we were sitting was facing the river so I totally forgot about the crew possibly filming outside. By the time we came out there was a crowd of people in the grassy area and people holding lights and cameras. We were like oh my god! let’s go SEEE! So we walked closer and closer until I saw very distinctive blue shirts with white name tags on the back!! OMG it was real!! I was too far to make out who was who but the tall dude I was like..Kwangsoo! without a doubt. I really wanted to find out who the guests were because I was hoping to see someone I liked! But no dice..watching the actual episode on tv later the guest was Cha Seungwon. By the time we watched them film they were filming the closing so we missed all the action. They talked for about 10 minutes then packed up the cameras and headed off! It was cool seeing Kim Jongkook and Yoo Jaeseok and all them. It was the coolest celebrity encounter I’ve had yet!

View from the boat cafe!
Funnily enough my best friend’s last name is ‘Lugo’ 🙂

Back to the 한강 Han River! The most beautiful place..seriously.. I wish I lived here so bad.. My dad is from Seoul so he used to come here all the time..It’s pretty cool going somewhere your dad went to often as a kid.

I usually got there through Yeoyi Naru subway station and got out around exit 2. As soon as you walk down some steps there are a hoard of older ladies handing you chicken restaurant flyers. They especially hound foreigners and tell them “go here! come here!” It’s pretty funny. They’re just doing their job 🙂 There are so many children playing in the water fountains too! Seems perfect for hot summer dayss~

So there are bike trails, running trails, anything here is possible. You can even get food delivered here! In Korea you don’t need a residential address to order food. Just give them a general area like ‘The bench next to exit 2 of Yeoyi Naru Station” and they’ll come find you! Why can’t America do this…

The area doesn’t close down at night either! It’s like one gigantic park with playgrounds, exercise areas, statues and landmarks it is seriously endless.

I took so much beautiful footage here I have to edit it then I will upload to YouTube!! Yayy!

near Mapo Bridge 마포대교 


My friend Lyssa really wanted to walk over to Banpo Bridge where they have the colorful light display on the bridge itself. I’ve seen pictures and it is gorgeoussss. Unfortunately from where we were it was too far so no dice. photogrid_1472035288985

‘Host 2006’

This crazy thing is apparently from the 2006 movie Creature 괴물 “The Host”. My friend said it was a movie about creatures that come out of the Han River and attack people lol. It is like a 12 foot tall statue. It’s so creepy! I was scared..hahah The little plaque next to it explained the movie plot.I looked it up and the story had to do with Americans dumping toxic material in the Han River and it resulting in these creatures terrorizing Korea. It’s based on a true story! Americans actually dumped toxic shit into this river in 2000!!! UGH Shameee!!!! whyyyyyyyy. Changing the subject~~~ Nightlife at Han River!

Sitting on the water so serene and calm~~
I dont know why but I love this shot
Sitting on the grass in front of the cruise boat
It wasn’t even Christmas and they had these beautiful lit up trees everywhere
There was music coming from the boat or something nearby. It was perfect hang out atmosphere. 
Night views of the Han River

If I lived here I’d hang with my buddies here every night!! Just sit and look at the water..listening to music eating fried chicken..friends getting drunk and playing on the swings..LOL (You can drink outside in public legally)

Underneath the bridges there are concrete steps where bunches and bunches of people lay out blankets and just be together. It’s such a cool sight. Where I live in suburbia there is nothing remotely close to this. At the top of the steps there was also a flea market type event going on! Not used goods but selling knick knacks and clothes I guess.

There was also a stadium where performances happen I’ve been told! My friend went there on another night and there was a fashion show going on! If you keep walking there is another area where street performers sing songs or dance. I personally don’t like watching those performances especially if the performance is no good. Just brings me awkward feelings and I can’t bear to watch lol.

The only negative thing I could find was that finding a bathroom was pretty difficult. You’d have to go up the hill to a store or the subway station to use a bathroom. There are portable potties but who wants to use those..lol.

That is all 🙂 Han River..until we meet again..next time I go to Korea I’m bringing my boyfriend and we are going to have such a beautiful time here!! Mark my words!

Until next time guys :)!




  1. Wow, I’ve never seen their Christmas display at the Han River. Something to look forward to next time. Stay warm ^_^

  2. I love your post. I love your narrative style. It makes every alive and interesting. Thanks so much. Now, I want to visit Korea more than ever.

  3. Seeing Running Man shooting process is always in my bucketlist but sadly they’re going to end soon… guess that list will be bucketed….

    1. I heard that theyre not canceling it after all? I think i saw an article that theyre going to revamp it?

      1. Yeah they’re not cancelling it and Jong Kook + Ji Hyo decided to stay until the end… and that ‘the end’ is February 2017. Some rumor said as well that SBS is planning new show with remaining cast there

      2. Ahh im not sure if they can even come back with popularity after this whole ordeal! 🙁

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