::REVIEW:: The Face Shop Goat Milk Drop Cream

photogrid_1468728383756The Face Shop~ Silly name, great brand. πŸ™‚

Yo this thing was so expensive. I only got it because my grandma bought a two pack and gave me her extra. I would have never spent $40 bucks on this. (I don’t remember the exact cost but it was over $30). I looked online and they don’t even sell this anymore! It is seriously nowhere to be found..like it never existed I can’t find any past listing or anything. so weird~!



Doesn’t it look so funny though? Like a woodsy feel to the packaging LOL

photogrid_1468728431433This cream was actually in the anti aging section that my grandma was directed to by the employee.My grandma was looking for something to lessen wrinkle appearance and the employee recommended this above everything else. So I think it’s safe to say this is mainly for those looking for a more heavy duty skincare action.

In the next picture I have the insides of the packaging laid out. The tray below the cream has a teeny little spatula for application! Its clear colored and the size of your pinky finger. Totally a bonus!! But…I lost it.. legit I have no idea where I left it but it’s in my room somewhere.. πŸ™


Arial view of the Goat Milk Drop Cream πŸ™‚

photogrid_1468728457317The goat cream is clear maybe an offwhite color. It is pretty thick even for my dry skin. Definitely should be your last lotion applied in your skincare routine.

I actually just finished the whole jar and I think it worked pretty well. Never had a breakout or irritation from this product! My boyfriend used it as well (he has sensitive skin) and he never had troubles with it either.

The scent was a little off putting..Kind of like milk..mixed with older people? It just had a scent that reminds me of my grandma? I love my grandma! haha it was more the milk smell that I did not enjoy putting on my face everyday.

Another huge thing was the cream had little tiny white specks that did not dissolve into my skin. I would massage it in and my family would see it on my face! They weren’t totally obvious but I still don’t want random white dots on my face so I’m a little glad I emptied out this product.

All in all this cream has its good and its bad~ Would I buy again? I don’t know but probably couldn’t anyway! lol blessing in disguise maybee πŸ™‚

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  1. I also like the fact that it’s an eco-friendly product.

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