::REVIEW:: Innisfree Eco Natural Suncare BB Sunbalm

20150415_142053Innisfree! One of my favorite brands ever. Everything up to the packaging is always green and ecofriendly as possible~~This product is no different. Pretty and simple packaging  design πŸ™‚ This was one of the first sunscreen products I’d ever bought and sad to say in retrospect it’s not that great.

It comes in a cute round compact with SPF 50+/PA+++. This natural suncare is “enriched with organic sunflower” to help match my individual skin tone. I didn’t see any tone problems although it was a little light..but then again all sunscreens are.





These pictures are terrible. Forgive me. I took them a long time ago when I didn’t care about angles or editing LOL.

But this is the compact when you first open it up. It came with a little hard puff that was not worth using. The product didn’t transfer well onto the skin so you’re better off using your own brush. The puff itself was so hard to clean! The sun cream legit did not come out so I just threw the whole puff away.

The mirror was a really nice touch in my opinion. Just throw this in your purse and you’re set to apply your daily sunscreen on the go~


20150415_142122As you can see I used all of it pretty much. Its a nudish color and a cream type sun balm.

Honestly it was incredibly drying on my skin. Even if I moisturized right before application you could see the patchiness a mile away. (I have very dry skin). I was really turned off using this but I couldn’t waste it. I mostly ended up using it on off days where I didn’t go anywhere special.

Sun protection wise I’m guessing it worked? I would hope it worked since it boasted 50+ SPF but that’s probably the best part of the product!

Innisfree you disappoint me.. cry..


Out of all the Innisfree products I’ve used, this is probably the worst. But that says a lot because the only reason I disliked it was because I have severely dry skin. If you have oily or normal skin it shouldn’t pose any issues for you! Just use your own puff or brush to apply the cream.

Until next time (with better pictures I promise~)


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