::KOREA:: SkinFood Cafe in Gangnam!

::KOREA:: SkinFood Cafe in Gangnam! Heyhunnyy

Skinfood cosmetic store && cafe in Garosugil, Sinsadong Gangnam Seoul! 가로수길 신사동 강남구 서울!

I love Skinfood as a cosmetics brand. I’ve got some amazing products from here. They recently opened up a store in Garosugil that has multiple floors including a cafe!! I went with my buddy Tyia and it was pretty cool! Yellow colors everywhere but in a clean modern design~

I saw Joan the beauty YouTuber come here and I was like ohh yeah I gotta come here!

So the first floor is pretty basic, looks like any other Skinfood road shop~ I didn’t look around too much because I already spent a fortune at other Skinfood locations lol. We walked up the stairs and here is what we saw! (more footage on video, will upload to YouTube!)


Tyia needed a phone charger and there was one under the bench tables but it was hella difficult to plug it in so we just ended up using my portable charger for her phone. There was a cute corner setup with lawn chairs and a beach themed deco. It seemed more for decoration and not sitting on so we sat somewhere else 🙂


::KOREA:: SkinFood Cafe in Gangnam! Heyhunnyy

At the center of the floor is the ordering desk and where they make the drinks! The menu isn’t too wild, just fruity drinks and assorted desserts 🙂

::KOREA:: SkinFood Cafe in Gangnam! Heyhunnyy

I ordered a slice of red velvet cake and an apple aide!~ It took about 10 minutes to get my order but the dude handed me a piece of carrot cake..I was like uhhhh whut?? I looked at him  and his face was blank. I’m not crazy, I speak fluent Korean. I freaking ordered red velvet lol. So I asked what this was in front of me and he was like “oh, we do not have red velvet at the moment” ………so you just decided to hand me a random other cake?? I don’t even like carrot cake so I was not happy LOL. I asked if there was anything else I could get instead and he mentioned blueberry cheesecake so I asked for that. Very confusing moment but oh well. The cheesecake was pretty good~ No complaints! The apple aide was very delicious as well 🙂

photogrid_1472123018359Isn’t this setup so cute? It was to the right of us on the bench table.  At first glance I thought the stack of books were some kind of beauty books or manual of the cosmetics Skinfood sells. I grabbed one and flipped through it to discover it was a coloring book!! A custom coloring book with pictures of skinfood cosmetics but mostly of food and fruits. It was cute! But kind of disappointing.. lol. That’s why there were colored pencils above the stack of books ~~

All in all I have no complaints~ It was a nice chill place~ There were a few other people there but it wasn’t loud at all 🙂 Definitely a place to visit when in Seoul!

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