Makeup Organization::How I store my products

Hello hello mates! Today I have a makeup organization post to show how I store all of my shit. LOL simply put.

When I was in high school I did not wear makeup nor did I really have any..I think I had BBcream? A few really old Maybelline lipsticks? I didn’t start using skincare products or makeup until my second year of college. Thats when I had the setup below:


These green and yellow paper storage boxes 🙂 I love these. I bought these on either Yesstyle or ebay.. They were about $20-30 each and you fold them up yourself into these box shapes. As you can see after a few semesters they could no longer handle my collection. At the time I was also using this to hold my pens and apparently my Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum 😉

I was looking on Pinterest for good ideas for storage and I just decided to ask my dad if he could build me something. My dad used to be a welder and is really good at making things from scratch. He told me to draw him out a sketch of what I wanted and boom! Well..not took him 3 months just to get the wood.. Daddy’s busy..and lazy 🙂


So this is what I got! It looks exactly like what I drew. I just wanted a tall skinny shelf that would have small shelves for my eye makeup, taller shelves at the bottom for my lotions and bottles. The biggest reason I wanted this in my room is I hate putting on makeup in the bathroom and I wanted a centralized place for all my makeup. Close to my desk but not all over my desk.

It took my dad about a month to make this shelf. From the time he bought the wood from Home Depot to the finished product. He only worked on it on weekends when we wasn’t at work~ I helped putting the finishing paint on the shelf 🙂 It’s really solid wood so it doesn’t tip over or anything. The only thing I wish I could go back and change is putting a little barrier at the front so every time I reach for a product all the other products don’t fall to the floor. That is the only flaw in this beauty.PhotoGrid_1480366775981.jpg


This was the day my dad moved the shelf up to my room. It was the perfect width to fit between my desk and my bed!

I used a lot of the green and yellow boxes to hold my brushes and cotton swabs. I also bought wooden makeup holders from Marshalls so it matched the look of the shelf. I used these to hold my lipsticks and foundations.

So from top shelf to bottom holds:

Naked Palettes & its boxes, smaller eyeshadow palettes, sample lotions and my elephant plush, lipsticks and foundations, makeup remover and eye products, face lotions and cream, body lotions and makeup brushes, and face masks and earrings!

I love it because everything has its little place and is organized!

This is an updated picture of my shelf. I had just come back from Korea with mountains of new makeup to store 🙂

What do you guys to store your makeup?

Until next time~~



  1. I store them in those paper box I got from subscription box XD they are cute and good to store something I don’t frequently use

  2. Wow!! I’m in love with your storage – all the packaging for Korean products are so cute 🙂

  3. Your dad made it? Amazing! I usually leave my make up in a shoebox atop my dresser. There’s this huge mirror hanging just above it so it all works out. Only problem is I have too many products and all my powders are scattered on my desk.

    1. You should get big pieces of thick paper and fold your own origami boxes! Thats what i do to organize the things on my shelf^^🤗😍😍

      1. Yes and very cheap to do!! Takes 5 minutes for one box!!

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