::REVIEW:: Maybelline Expert Eyes Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover

I hate this remover. There. Point blank. This shit sucks. LOL


I bought this at Target because I needed a new eye makeup remover and I’d mostly been dealing with more watery removers till now so this was a huge difference. I love Maybelline..but this remover sucks.

photogrid_1479949392235This is meant to take off waterproof makeup therefore it should have a stronger formula to get all the wax product off my eyes. It doesn’t really get all my makeup off, not even basic eyeshadow. It is a very very VERY greasy remover and it dries so quickly! I have to use enormous amounts at a time to get my makeup off. Very frustrating..

I usually use round cotton pads to hold the remover but the remover always winds up all over my fingers and hands. Greasy greasy greasy. This remover is supposed to be a quick fix to remove mishaps in makeup but I always have to wash my hands after usage.

I also have to use water or toner or something to wipe off this greasiness off my face. Not ideal if you’re always short on time like me. I don’t have oily skin so I don’t like this feeling at all.



I put the remover on a piece of colored paper to show how thick it is
Eww~ look at my finger! See how greasy that shit is?









When I first bought it I had such high hopes.. Packaging is nice though 🙂



Some good things about this product? Even for a small bottle it does have a good amount of product so it’s been lasting me awhile. I want to hurry up and use all of it so I can buy a different product..lol





Back of the bottle! Ingredients and suchh


All in all I give this a 1 out of 5. Terrible..Not my style at all. Greasy, thick and does not do the job at all. Needless to say I’m never buying this again. I’d much rather use makeup wipes of an oil cleanser.

Better luck next time,




  1. Great review! God I HATE greasy makeup removers. The whole point of a cleanser is to make you feel CLEAN, not have to wash your face again haha! Thanks for the heads up on this product 😀


    1. Omg ikr!! I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of this product! Arghh lol

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