::Road Shop Review:: ETUDE HOUSE!

I love Etude House~~ lalalala~~ So colorful and wonderful and lovely<3


Definitely the best decorated road shop in Korea. At least it fits my personality to a T.

This first picture is the Itaewon Etude House location right off of Itaewon Station. It’s very small but still really cute! I went to this location most since it was right in front of my hostel. The cashiers were always super nice and gave lots of samples! I haven’t had a bad experience with Etude House yet! It’s almost always crowded though so watch out for that.

Etude House is one of the more common and cheaper brands of Korean road shops. It’s incredibly affordable but on the downside the foundations and skin products aren’t as good as IOPE or the higher luxury brands. Regardless I love Etude House. They have millions of eyeshadow colors that give you the cutest sparkle. For those starting our in Kbeauty this is one brand you really need to try.

Before I came to Korea I bought all my Etude House on eBay~ You can buy directly on their website since they do ship in America (not sure about different areas like Europe of Africa) but the shipping costs.. You might get lucky with discounts and free shipping but only if you buy $50 worth of product before discounts applied. Buying directly from the website is best for the newest product lines but I like some of their discontinued lines which I can only find on eBay or Amazon.

Check out the pictures below for some more pictures of Etude House stores!

close up of Etude House eyeshadows! around $3 each!
Infamous Play 101 pencils!

These are really good but I didn’t buy any for myself~ These Play 101 pencils are multiuse for the eyes, lips or cheeks~ They were released in collaboration with Produce 101 the talent show competition of Mnet. Of course the products made it on one of the episodes and the girls who made the group regularly promote these items 🙂

The little tubes on the bottom shelf to the right is their Tear Drop Liner. It is light shiny eyeliner you put on the inner corners on your eyes to get that cute doe-eyed look 🙂

As you can see a lot of their products are close to being sold out. They’re always low on inventory which is a good thing for the company! lol I’ve never met anyone who hated Etude House.




They had a Finding Dory collab with Disney this summer! Moistful creams with Dory packaging~~ So cute!! Korean road shops have been going nuts with the Disney collabs this year.







Foundations! I have a sample size of the Double Lasting foundations in different shapes 🙂







i LOVEEE their packaging<33

Princess themed everything~~ castles and pink and fancy 🙂

I will write a review on my favorite lipstick line from Etude House soon!

Until next time,







  1. I wish I had an Etude House near me.. I’d probably be broke! haha. It’s one of my favorite Korean brands, hands down. Half for the packaging and half for the actual products!

    1. Omg me too!! I dont even think theres one in america?! I wish..🎁🎁

      1. Nope! Not even in New York 😭 I just always order online but it takes foreverrr. I’m not a patient person haha. I just ordered their cream contour palette.. Can’t wait for it to get here!!! 💕

  2. I love Etude House too 😉 I like their juice bar the best! So cute design and useful color.

    1. Oh you have the juice bar! Are the eyeshadows really pigmented??

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