::REVIEW:: L’oreal Straight Perfecting Balm

photogrid_1480044332877L’oreal Smooth Intense Straight perfecting Balm!

Recently bought this balm and it’s okay so far~ It smells and feels nice but I’m not feeling a great change or improvement in my hair.

The balm is a leave-in treatment and has a formula that includes Pro-Keratin which is supposed to transform hair silky straight. It also can be used before blow drying and flat ironing (up to 450 degree heat protection). I usually just use it on damp hair since I air dry anyway.

Honestly I don’t think it straightens my hair any more than usual.. I have naturally wavy hair and I need to flat iron it to get it straight. I bought this as more as a leave-in conditioning treatment so my hair isn’t strawlike or dry. In that aspect it works pretty well!



The picture to the right is some of the balm up close. It smells like that really good conditioner you can only get at the salon. It smells really yummy.. If you want to smell good in front of a guy this is something to try for sure. When you hug someone (especially someone taller than you) they’re bound to get a whiff of your hair! Yo, if your guy smells this when they’re near you they’re so going to get interested or at least think of that amazing scent when they think of you 🙂 hehe


This is my damp hair with the little dime-sized dollop on my hair. I rub it in and it dries great. (Other leave-in conditioners like Garnier Fructis dries hard like glue if you apply too much product.)

The bottle says to apply a dime-sized amount to towel-dried hair so they’re saying it should be on completely dry hair… I choose not to obey that. LOL I’m too afraid of it drying into the glue form and my hair looking like a sticky mess.


photogrid_1480044460546Close up of the finished look! It blends in flawlessly and gives my hair the extra moisture it needs.

If you want the straightened look I suggest you brush your hair before AND after application to ensure waves and curls are gone. And don’t forget to blow-dry or flat iron for the sleek look~ Since the balm does have heat protection you don’t need a separate spray which is convenient 🙂

All in all I give it a 4/5!

Until next time guys!


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