Holidays at Ulta!


Can you say Winter Wonderland? img_20161120_010552

I love the holidays!!!!

Yayayayayay! It’s almost Christmas and this is what it looks like at makeup store Ulta!! At least the one in my neighborhood!


There is soo much good stuff!! Everyone from drugstore brands to luxury brands all released holiday packages and gift sets! See below!


I spy with my little eye EOS holiday setssss! ughhh<3



Ulta legit just got so lazy with decorating they just stacked everything on these ugly storage racks and placed them randomly throughout the store. LOL.

There are huge $70 lip kits with over 40 lippies, brush sets, shampoo sets, its endless! I didn’t buy anything because I’m straight broke..I shall get you next year Ulta..

As for the rest of the store, it was business as usual!

My advice? Go to the store to take a look at everything and swatch! Write a list of the things you want then splurge on cyber monday!! Ulta always has very very nice deals on cyber monday!! Or right after new years!! When everything is on sale and they need to get rid of inventory!

OH BTW MAJOR TIP- Maybelline is discontinuing a lot of their products in 2017 in America (they disclosed which ones specifically on snapchat) so go get them while you still can!! They are at a discounted price as well! They’re discontinuing my favorite Bloom Lipsticks…I damn near cried when I found out… 🙁

I hope you guys enjoyed my little trip to the happiest place in the world besides the North Pole 🙂

I hope you guys have the best holiday weekend and get lots of presents! Eat a big holiday dinner and kiss someone you love xoxo

Until next time!



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  1. Merry Christmas! I wish everything are my gift 😉

  2. Do you have any recommendations for makeup in super humid summertime? Great post and all those lipsticks! <3

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