Sailor Moon Crystal Mirror Compact!


I love Sailor Moon!!! No shame. I really am not into anime or cartoons or anything but I’ve always liked Sailor Moon. I just thought the girls were so powerful and pretty! It is my spirit animal if I were to have one lol.

I bought this at Hot Topic at my nearby shopping mall for $10 and I bought it! No hesitation. Usually they just have cheap Sailor Moon blankets or keychains that aren’t worth buying. This however was useful and had vibrant colors!


This is the packaging it came in~~ Made in China oh well lol.

When you hold it in your hands it is very light and cheap feeling. I mean it is ten whattagonnado~ I still like it! Soooo cute. I thought the pink circle in the middle was a button of some sort but nahh. No functionality haha

photogrid_1482537693263This is the inside of the mirror! ahhhh<3

The mirror itself isn’t too shabby. Gets the job done so I can’t complain.

The pink heart in the middle saves the whole thing. It really looks like you’re a Sailor Scout 🙂

I think it’s such an adorable little thing to carry around in my purse for touchups and whatnot.

Totally worth the ten dollars! I regret nothing! Now I have a Sailor Moon eyeliner and a mirror compact! My collection is coming along swimmingly!! 🙂

Until next time guys!



  1. Congratulations! You’re finally one step closer to becoming a Sailor Guardian lol! This is so cute! I’m sure you won’t regret it!

    1. Haha thanks! Yeah im sooo on a mission to get everything sailor i can get!!

    1. I think sailor moon is my favorite! She’s so silly and i love her blonde hair!!^^ what about you?

      1. People hate her?! Why though.. cause shes the main character?

      2. Thats just her personality! I thouhht it was normal! Its a cute little show i loved it♡♡♡ do u know if they extended crystal?

      3. Tbh I have no idea. I got swamped with classes and stopped watching anime for a while.
        And agreed! I love Usagi. She was one of the few female superheroes we could look up to

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