Korea Trip! Incheon Fairy Tale Village!


송월동 동화마을 Songwol Dong Fairy Tale Village

 I came here on my first full day in Korea and it was magical! and HOT. like weather wise.

This colorful place is absolutely free to go to and can be found in Incheon. Subway Line 1 go to Incheon Station and get off at exit 2! No need to park or drive to get around. Walking is the only way to get around 🙂

It’s literally next to Incheon’s Chinatown which is also an amazing tourist site 🙂 Just look in every direction and you’ll see it. The high entryways are big and red and its very conspicuous you don’t need separate directions to get there.

So this post will be mostly full of pictures because not much words are needed to enjoy the sights <3















This fairy tale village has a mix of Korean fairy tales and childrens’ stories as well as American and European fairy tales as well! The walls and buildings are all painted and decorated to be perfect for story telling as you walk through.



So this sign shows bingsoo (shaved ice desserts) and Mayak Ice Cream 마약아이스크림. Legit translates into ‘Drug Ice Cream’..like drugs..wtf!! Even has a syringe in the picture. This sh*t is crazy. lol So if you walk into the store its really cool and decked out in anime pictures and puzzles and all types of collectibles. Then when you look at the menu the employees actually told us to get out if we weren’t going to buy any ice cream. We went in because it was so freaking hot and the store was air-conditioned. I guess everyone does that so the place gets crowded and they have no choice but to say that..but still! Rude!! I only needed like 5 minutes to cool down but they were like nope! Get ouuuutttttt.

See pictures of the ice cream store below!





So this was the cutest discovery at the village. It was a little kiosk outside where they custom make photo frames in various sizes!! All you have to do is give them a picture of whatever you want (couple pictures, idol pictures) and they make it for you in 5 minutes! It’s incredibly cheap too! I got the basic square frame for less than $10!!!


Isn’t it so cute! You can’t get frames like this in America! The picture is printed directly onto the black stand. The little black stick is just inserted into a whole at the back and it stands on my shelf proud as can be<3  Worth every penny~


Moving on to the fairy tales~ I don’t know if some of these walls are made up stories or what but I couldn’t recognize some of the paintings~















Doesn’t it seem like the perfect places for selfies and funny pictures with your friends? When I went there were gaggles of girls everywhere! I had to wait to take pics at the best spots~ Unfortunately the weather was killing me slowly so I was not picture perfect ready. I took a few pics but not enough 🙁 When you come here you NEED to come on a cool day! No humidity and low temperatures! Otherwise you’ll be sweating your way through the village! This village is HILLS! Walking uphill at every single turn. It’s horrifying actually the amount of walking uphill you will have to do. Even the bathroom is on the third floor of a castle-like building.

If you guys ever get to visit here or if he have before let me know!!

Until next time guys!




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    This place looks amazing and your pictures are great. Korea has been on my bucket list. I had a long layover in Korea and wished I had at least explored a little bit. Did you buy a lot of goodies there? I am definitely adding this to my list of places to visit.

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    1. Yeah I bought an insane amount of goodies!!! Worth every penny!! Hehehe

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