::REVIEW:: Make20 Eyelash Curler!

2015-03-09-16-52-57A good friend gifted this eyelash curler to me about a year ago and I’ve been using it ever since!

Looking it up it is about $2 or 2,500 Korean Won. That’s hella cheap for an eyelash curler. For the price it does a heck of a job!

It’s got the job done for me for the last year and I have short downward turned lashes. I’ve never used a high-end eyelash curler so I thought this was as good as my lashes could get. Boyyyyy was I wrong. I recently bought a Shiseido Eyelash Curler (review to come) and it has changed my whole look!

Nevertheless I will still show this product because it’s not bad at all~

So this is the curler out of the box~~ It doesn’t cut my eyelashes off even if I press harder than usual to get a bigger curl so that’s good. LOL No disasters yet 🙂

This are taken after using the eyelash curler~ Sorry I don’t have a picture that shows the eyelashes up close 🙁 As you can  see they don’t provide big bold lashes that stand out. They don’t hold the lashes up for very long either..LOL So for someone like me I’d need a higher quality curler to accentuate my short stubby lashes. Since I bought the Shiseido curler I think it’s about time to retire this Make20 curler. Farewell old friend~~~~ hahaha

Honestly it is a good eyelash curler for beginners on a budget or if you naturally have long eyelashes. This is hard to find online however~ I was only able to find one place that sold it online!

If you guys have ever tried this eyelash curler let me know if it worked for you! I hope I wasn’t the only one it didn’t work too well for ~

Until next time bubs!!




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