::REVIEW:: Innisfree Nail Polishes!!

IMG_20161112_193225.jpgHappy Hump day! LOL Hopefully this post will help you power through your wednesdayy~

Innisfree nail polishes win at life. They’re soooo good.

This pink one here I bought three of them. No lie.

The polish is named 18 설레는 좀 나들이 ‘Exciting Spring Outing’. I think the name really suits the polish right? Like you’re going to a cherry blossom festival or something!

I used to have a polish that had these pink hearts in it but I used it all a few years back so when I saw this in Korea I jumped at it~ This polish is even better than my old one because it has not one but two different heart sizes. The larger hearts are a light pink and the smaller hearts are a darker pink. In order to keep these special deco polishes long lasting I recommend you keep them in your makeup fridge!

If you do not own a makeup fridge you can just stick them in your kitchen refrigerator. No judgement! Although your family might look at you like yous crazy. Oh well! 🙂

When applying the pink hearts I suggest you get nail tools. The metal stick with the pointed end is really great at placing these little decorations without adding too much of the clear polish. That is always a nightmare because your nails end up all clumpy and thick. Smooth finishes are what we aim for!! If you don’t have access to nail tools a toothpick will also do the trick! Anything really thin and pointed should work since you need it to fit into your polish bottle opening.

Another great thing about this nail polish is that the hearts are really thin so it sticks to your nails really well. If they’re any thicker than they flick right off of your nail when going about your daily routine. Always put on a top coat to seal in the design as well!!


Next is Innisfree’s Gold nail polish! I’m actually wearing the gold nail polish right now hehehe. I just graduated college and my school colors are black and gold! Looking fly for graduation~~~

Anyways LOL This polish is really bomb too!! Usually glitter nail polishes have flecks that are too big and look really cheap. The ones I’ve seen in America all look like childrens’ makeup crap. Unless you spend a lot of money for OPI glitter nail polish you won’t find good ones.. This however is a fantastic polish. Even one coat covers your whole nail with enough glitter to shine. I put on two coats just for thicker pigment 🙂 I don’t even use top coat with this polish because you don’t need it! It lasts a super long time with minimal chipping. And since its glitter you can’t even tell if there are any imperfections. The perfect disguise ~~ hehehe

photogrid_1474075652591My other glitter Innisfree nail polish~~ Number 57 찬란한 노을빛 ‘Brilliant sunset’

This is a rose gold glitter polish. Very similar to the gold one above and this one is just as good as the gold one. I personally like rose gold a bit better than gold but I like both on my nails the same 🙂

In some lights this color looks a bit copper or a bit brown but either way it’s gorgeoussss.

The only negative about these glitter polishes is that they get on your fingers when you erase them with acetone. Eh it’s inevitable~ What you do is just wash your hands with a facial cleanser or oil cleanser and bye bye excess glitter 🙂

Overall I’m incredibly impressed with Innisfree’s nail polishes. They apply very smoothly with an even coat. The pigmentation is really strong and the polish doesn’t chip or break off much at all. 5/5 stars! Seriously buying these forever. I love themmmm~

If you see these online on sale or even not on sale, BUY THEM. Trust meeeee. hehe

Okay until next time guys!

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  1. This is the cutest nail polish! I had one like this from OPI from the Wizard of Oz range but they were so hard to get off!

      1. It was silver and white but the hearts in your polish were white squares in the OPI one and I had to scratch them off eek!

    1. They are about $3 each!! Try innisfree.com!! They are also sold on eBay and Amazon!!!

  2. Oh so cute. The Glittered heart is on my list for my next online nail polish shopping.

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