::Korea Trip!::Hallyu K-Star Road 할류 스타거리 in Gangnam

beautyplus_20160729101653_saveHey guys! I am back with another tourist site in Korea! This is the infamous K-Star Road in Gangnam, Seoul.

This road is in an affluent city and the whole road has these bear figures stationed all throughout the sidewalk. There are 17 bears total and each one is dedicated to a Kpop group that has made their mark in history.

The one I am next to here is SNSD or Girls Generation (I took selfies with the groups I love the most!)

It’s really fun walking around and seeing each individual bear~ they’re all decorated according to the group’s official colors and symbols. The perfect place for a fan!


So this is the road when getting off the Apgujeong Rodeo Station exit 2~ This road is particularly filled with very high-end stores that only the richy rich rich can afford. Like I’m talking Prada/YSL type shit lol. Of course there are dozens of cafes in every direction which is really convenient because you really need a break walking through here. We came here in mid-august and it was killer. The sun was beaming down on us and we were sweating from the moment we got off the subway. Bring a sun umbrella and sunglasses!!!

Another cool thing to definitely visit here are the entertainment buildings like JYP and SM. The SM building(shown below) was really confusing to find because it’s under construction or something. They covered up the whole building with pictures of their artists. I wasn’t even sure if this was the right building. But there are maps stationed throughout the sidewalk that say I was right~














EXOOOO. I only geeked out at 3 bears and this was one of them!! I had to wait to take a pic with this one because there was already a group of girls tryna get their picturess~ Oh exo ever the popular one~

AAAAAAND 방탄소년단 my lovess BTS. All of my roomies were BTS fans too so this was the peak of our trip. We all took turns taking pictures lol. The group members’ signatures were on this bear too so I touched it..<3 hehehehe. no shame.

Other bears! So cute!!! I love the idea it’s so adorable!! It’s just like the Hollywood walk of fame.

photogrid_1473802796303You see the Tory Burch building in the background? LOL. There were legit Ferraris and shit driving around like no big deal too. I was staying in Itaewon so this part of Gangnam was like a whole ‘nother world~~

I forgot to mention! The subway station here is like a tourist site in and of itself. There’s a cool cafe underground and a lounge type area with TV screens, a sitting area, and posters with legendary Korean artists and upcoming concerts. I wish I took pictures of it!! I was too busy trying to not die of heat stroke to take out my camera lol.

I’m not joking come here on a cool day. Avoid summer if you can.. can’t look cute in selfies if sweat is dripping down your face!~

Alrighty that’s all guys! Until next time!

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  1. Omg, i got to see this too while i was in korea! They were super cute ( I also had a mini attack when i saw the BTS bear. Who is your fav member? And your fav group?)
    But does the SM building seriously always look like that?? I thought i was under construction or something … it looks like a prison??

    1. Yeah im pretty sure theyre remodeling or moving to another location entirely!

  2. Damn those BTS bears tho! ❣❣❣ Kim Taehyung is always <3

  3. I really loved the time that I got to spend in Gangnam. It was there that I really felt that I could live in Korea and made it a goal to try and move there. While a lot of tourist seem to want to stay north of the Han River to walk around Hongdae and other areas, Gangnam is a place everyone should visit. Reading this brings back some great memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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