::REVIEW:: The cutest socks in the world!

IMG_20161020_114136.jpgSo. Damn. Cute.

I bought these socks in Korea, all for $3 or less each!

I really thought these would be shitty socks to wear long-term but I bought them anyway out of pure cuteness~

BUT ACTUALLY THEY’RE PRETTY AWESOME. They haven’t ripped or stretched out at all!! I’ve been wearing them almost every day and they’re really durable!


I got most of these in Hongdae just on the streets~ Socks can be found literally anywhere in Korea. Every outside kiosk and department store have them. There are even stores in Myeongdong and Hongdae that only sell socks. Whaaat. They sell extra stuff like scrunches and jewelry but mostly just socks.

As you can see I love Sailor Moon && Pokemon so I got mostly those~ hehe. The Pokemon and Mushroom socks I bought for my boyfriend Drew! He’s got size 10 feet and they fit his feet really great as well. 

I was so surprised they are durable because I’ve bought cute socks like these at my local Lotte Mart when I was younger and they sucked. hard. I wore a SNSD Taeyeon pair of socks one time and it ripped a hole in the big hole.. I never could wear it again. ughh. Bad experienceeee.

img_20161106_004048As you can see I mix & match my socks. I never wear a matching set.. Just too lazy to find the mate lol. But this is what it looks like! So cute! Whenever I go to a friend or family’s house they always comment on it 🙂

If you go to a really nice sock store they’ll probably charge up to $5 a pair but just go to a market (fish market, traditional market, whichever) and they all sell socks by the box.  I bought regular striped socks at the market 2 pairs for $1 and the old ladies will bargain with you if you buy a bunch at one time! So much cuter and comfy than socks I can find in Americaa.

Verdict? Worth every penny!! I wish I bought more..lol

Short post I know but I had to share these hehehe 🙂

Until next time guys!



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