Cute manicures for less than $5!!!

img_20161210_104644Hey guys! I have never been so happy to show you somethingg!!! NAIL ART!! SOO CHEAP AND EASY TO DO. no lie. The white nail polish I got from Target for .67 cents and the nail decor I got on eBay for $2!!!

These 3D nail decorations have been really common in Korea for years but they really haven’t caught on in America yet.. I went to a nail salon near my house asking for rhinestones or nail art designs but all they had was 2D glitter speckles from 10 years ago.. My mom && cousin use to be nail artists so I know what I’m talking about~ This salon had the same exact stuff my mom was using on me when I was 8. Nothing has changed. Utterly disappointing to spend $40 at a nail salon for a nail job I could’ve done myself.

That leads me to thisssss!

photogrid_1481409240137I found these on eBay for about $2 each! I bought 5 nail art wheels total and this was the first wheel to arrive on my doorstep!

Gold designs that make you feel like a high roller~ I love that it’s cheap and cute! My two favorite thingsss.

So they came in a little package like this with 12 pieces total. They’re all very lightweight and sparkly. They don’t have that obviously cheap feeling when you look at it so no one will know it only cost you $2~ hehehe.

Its all very cute pieces like diamond rings, perfume bottles, flowers, and a tiara~ I have pictures below showing each piece close up!



I seriously can’t pick favorites they’re all so cute!!! I legit even had a hard time picking which ones to put on my fingers first!










I had to place them strategically on my nails so they didn’t look too bunched up. I only used about 5 pieces on both hands. I didn’t even use gel nails for this because I don’t own I didn’t even have nail glue!! My nail glue literally dried up and I had to throw it away! I was at a loss for about 5 seconds. I originally put a big dollop of top coat on the piece to have it stick to my nail. That didn’t work because as soon as I changed clothes for school the tiara piece came flying off my nail.


For round two I used eyelash glue which worked a helluva lot better~

I still had to be pretty careful when doing maneuvering anything and that made my nails last a whole day without one coming off lol.

All in all if you used gel nails and/or actual nail glue these would work like a charm~ The cutest freaking things I’ve ever had on my hand. You do feel an extra weight on your fingers which is normal but it made me feel like a princess~~~


Stay tuned for the next nail art wheel designss!!


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