::REVIEW:: Lip Smacker Disney Tsum Tsum Edition!

photogrid_1480365830829BEHOLD. WINNIE THE POOH LIP BALMMM.

You’re welcome. Your life is complete. πŸ™‚

I was trolling along Walgreens one night and this yellow figure caught my eye (I am an expert in finding Winnie the Pooh everywhere I go). I love Winnie the Pooh. It’s a problem. I have like 40 plushies !!

So evidently Lip Smacker and Disney did a collabo for their Tsum Tsum collection. But seriously who hasn’t? Everywhere from Bed, Bath & Beyond to K-Mart to Walgreens all have a Disney Tsum Tsum selection these days.

I bought two of these Winnie the Pooh lip balms and they were about $5 each.Β 

AND they smell like honey!! More of a strong artificial honey but its pleasant πŸ™‚

All of the lip balms are shaped in domes like the EOS lip balms~


On the Lip Smacker website it shows 14 Tsum Tsum lip balms and even more Disney related products. I’ve only seen about 3 of the Tsum Tsums in Walgreens so it seems the collection isn’t being promoted in full force.

As for the product itself it’s actually pretty top heavy. Makes sense since it is a collectible. The top is really smooth and its not plastic. What material it actually is is beyond me lol.



So this is what the balm actually looks like. You’d think it would be bigger right? Ehh. It’s okay since I already have a million lip balms. This was just an impulse buy~ Even though the size is pretty small the product quality is really great! It keeps my lips moisturized and doesn’t have that child-like lip balm feel. It doesn’t feel like a cheap product at all. Very Impressive Lip Smackers πŸ™‚

Birds eye view!

When putting the top back on be careful since you can snag the balm with the lid. It can get messy if you get balm all over the lid and your hands..

Another issue is that its such a unique shape that it doesn’t fit in a small purse of your pocket. If you’re going to use this, keep it at home on your shelf~

All in all I love it. It’s so freaking cuteeee. If it were cheaper I’d buy the other characters just to collect them!

Well until next time guyss!



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