::REVIEW:: The Saem Power Volume Mascara

IMG_20160926_211515.jpg Hey guys! Have you ever tried brown mascara?

I, for one lovee brown mascara. Black mascara is really normal so brown makes people take a second look~ and it’s a lot more natural!

I don’t have many The Saem Saemmul products but this is definitely a goodie!

And I’m slightly confused about the brand name. Is it The Saem or Saemmul or both?? The store name when you walk in is The Saem but it says Saemmul at the top of all the products. Confusion muchhhh? And is it related to the very famous makeup artist Jung Saemmool? ARGH. I need these questions answered.

photogrid_1475467595779My only wish is that the mascara brush tapered off better. It is a normal basic shaped brush which doesn’t touch all of your lashes from left to right. You have to maneuver your hand to get an even coat.

But other than that you get a good amount of product with every application! And I even use this on my lower lashes which is also very subtle and pretty 🙂 Personally, doing my lower lashes gives the finishing touch to my makeup and evens out the eyeliner/eyeshadow on your lids.

So to get the perfect look-

Eye Primer > Eyeshadow > Eyeliner > Waterline > Curl lashes twice > Saemmul brown mascara on both top and bottom lashes (2 coats) > one last curl ever so gently !!

And there you go! If you have a heated eyelash curler definitely use that before first mascara application!

Alrighty bubs! All in all I like this mascara a lot. It’s a really nice everyday mascara especially for days where you just wanna skip eyeliner and all that. This mascara will still keep you looking fresh and awake! 5/5 stars!

Until next time guys!




  1. I love brown mascara!!! The only problem is I have very fine, straight, and short lashes. So while all my friends have gorgeous lashes, you can’t see mine rofl.

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