Korea Trip! Gwanghwamun Square!


I miss Korea so much~Gwanghwamun Square (광화문) is like the center of Seoul. One of the biggest tourist sites and also the location of those huge President Impeachment Protests that happened in recent months. Yikes. But when I went it was the place of happy times before sh*t hit the fan lol.

Korea is really smart about dealing with the weather. Summers are ridiculous here. Humid and hot as hell. But this (picture above^) makes it a little bit more fun! Water fun!! What do you call these? Water sprinklers? They’re everywhere in Korea! Public parks, tourist sites, water parks~

The water sprinklers are placed right below the historical figure of Yi Soon Shin. And there are security guards stationed all throughout this place. I tried not to get them in my pictures out of respect because I wouldn’t wanna be in every tourists’ pictures if I was a guard either~


This above is a wide view of the street. On both sides of the middle walkway were like 5 lanes of traffic in each direction. The traffic jam was so real. Good thing I took the subway! Right behind us was Gyeongbuk Goong Palace 경북궁 and around us was the Cheonggye Cheon Stream 청계천 and the Korea Plaza! I’m telling you it’s the mecca of all tourist sites! You can hit 5+ famous places all in one shot! 5 birds, one stone? haha 🙂


Sejong the Great! 세종대왕! The creator of the Korean alphabet (Hangeul 한글) ! Very well respected King of Korea way back when~ and do you see that mountain in the background?! I love this shot.

This here was at the end of the walkway. It was an event to remember those who perished in the Sewol Ferry incident a few years ago. They were selling goods and handing out rembereance flyers and buttons. I remember that tragedy vividly so it was crazy seeing those families affected..I am glad that even though it’s been over a year that’s passed it is still a big thing in Korea.


Nearby Museum! I went inside and I’ll post a separate overview of the inside later 🙂


Another wide shot 🙂 The opening at the bottom leads to the subway! I was like ‘well i’ll be damned that’s convenient!!’ I was looking for a nearby station!! LOL


The inside of the subway. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun on the wall 🙂 Apparently they call him a Prince in this neck of the woods since he always does concerts in the area. This billboard is congratulating him on 10 year debut anniversary. I am a huge Super Junior fan so I had to take a shot of this 🙂

That’s all for my trip to Gwanghwamun Square!! Tell me if you guys have ever been here in the comments below!!

Until next time!


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