::REVIEW::Battle of the Banana Sleeping Masks!!


I tried Banana sleeping masks about a year ago for the first time and i. loved. it. I use them errday~

When I went to Korea I bought every type I came across! Which leads me to these two- Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack(left) and The Saem Fruits Punch Sleeping Pack(right)!

The Tony Moly costs about $6 in Korea (I bought two~) and freaking $16 in America..WTF! Ulta Beauty sells a huge variety of Tony Moly products but everything is almost double the price (I checked).  But have no fear girls~ I saw this at walmart.com for only $10!! and with their new 2 day shipping guarantee it’s not a bad deal! (There’s always eBay and Amazon as well).

The Saem Banana pack costs a bit more in Korea ranging from $7-8 dollars in store. For overseas buyers it will be a bit harder to find since it is not available on Ulta or Walmart. Only Amazon and eBay it seems.. wah wah.

Let’s get to the product review!


This was taken the night I bought this pack 🙂 There wasn’t an open sample in store so I pretty much bought it blind not knowing how well it worked.

Thankfully it’s not that bad!! It comes out as a clear transparent cream, spreads evenly and is thick enough to be the last step in your skincare routine.

It smells like a subtle banana which I ended up prefering more than the Tony Moly’s scent.

Side by side looks of the bottles without their caps on~ As you can see the Tony Moly one is really sticking with the banana theme but The Saem’s color is more on point and its lid turns green as you reach the top which is super cute 🙂

Now for the Tony Moly’s sleeping pack..DIS ONE is actually a sleeping pack. It’s incredibly thick and feels like it’s meant to stay on your skin all night long. It lasts a helluva lot longer than The Saem sleeping pack.

A negative however is that after using the Tony Moly one for an extended period of time, I’m starting to get sick to the scent. It smells like very very strong artificial banana scent. Like banana snacks or candy times ten. After awhile it is starting to make my stomach upset smelling it so often..

Time for the swatches!!

photogrid_1480043832090 photogrid_1480043775689

On the top is the Tony Moly sleeping pack and on the bottom is The Saem sleeping pack. You can see the difference in color and texture. The Saem is more fluid-like and light while Tony Moly is stronger and thicker.

It really depends on what your preference is when choosing between these two~ Honestly I’d stick with the Tony Moly just because I have dry skin and need something to last longer on my face throughout the nightt. Sorry The Saem~~

Lemme know if you have tried either of theseee!!

Until next time guyssss!! (OH! and I’m preparing to write a post about my first few months working at my first post-college job!! Adjusting to life as an adult and all the shit that comes with it hehe)

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