::REVIEW::Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

photogrid_1482619591529Who knew Garnier made such good skin products?

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s advertised as an all-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover.

I had to get this after I saw it on Get It Beauty and a bunch of bloggers’ sites online~ I bought it for about $9 during Christmas time. The blue top indicates waterproof formula while the pink top is the regular cleansing water. I know what you’re thinking. It legit looks like water..transparent..lightweight liquid~ but bro. This shit is good. First of all it’s a huge bottle!! AAAND No oil, no alcohol and no fragrance which means it is supa amazing for us with sensitive skin!!

All you need is cotton pads to pour out this cleansing water onto and wipe wipe wipe! I don’t suggest using a normal tissue or cloth because I feel like it would smear makeup all over your hands and create a mess.

WARNING- Below are actual pictures of my first time using this cleansing water so it shows all my makeup wiped off onto cotton pads lol

Ta-daaaa! The big picture on the right is my foundation and the two left pictures are of my eyemakeup residue. I poured a good amount of product onto the cotton pad, pressed it gently on my eye and counted to 10. Then I slowly wiped and bam! Almost everything was gone in one swipe. I looked in the mirror right after and the difference between my clean eye and my uncleaned eye was staggering.

photogrid_1482619806313I thought it was so nice to find a makeup remover than wasn’t oily and wasn’t a cleanser. This is the type of product you use before washing your face. Like when you need something heavy duty to get your makeup off and pre-soaked makeup wipes just won’t do the trick this comes to the rescue.

If you want to use it to touch up your eyeliner or something small use a cotton swab and dab! (no, not that dab..I hate that dab..) lol

I feel like this cleansing water is going to last me a looong time so I’m very happy! But I think I’m going to continue to use the waterproof version. Most of my eyeliners and mascara are waterproof anyway~

Imo this is so worth the $9 but I found it online at Walmart for like $3?! Have I been gyped or is it like a smaller size version? Idk but whatever man. What’s done is done lol


photogrid_1482626272231The back of the bottle if anyone was interested~ I just noticed that the label says to shake well before use! hmmm..I wonder why. I didn’t shake it but it worked perfectly fine. Does that mean it’ll work even better when I shake it next time?! Oh lord new realms of pleasure~~ hahahah

Okay lovies, until next time!!

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9 thoughts on “::REVIEW::Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

  1. Omg.. I use the pink one but I need to avoid my eyes because it stings real bad. On a makeup group girls told me to try a green one, but I use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner which is hard to remove so I am giving a go to a blue one x.. Thanks for great and healpful review. Check out my blog x

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      1. Yeah ive never seen the green one either!! But someone on insta told me garnier uses ingredients that cause cancer!! Im gonna look into it today and write a blog about it.. im crushed😣😣


      2. Oh Johnsons Baby as well and when I was a kid that was the only products I was using.. Theres many products that can cause cancer, but I been using Garnier products for a long time and various things from cleansers to creams to exfoliators ect.

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