Graduation Gifts Review! Compact Mirror & Luxe Lips!

photogrid_1483924113311So I graduated about 2 months ago and I’m just getting to this review but it’s okay! LOL Y’all are going to love this shit.

I was hanging out with my friend Karys a week after I graduated back in December and she surprised me with this!! Introducing Tartan + Twine Compact Mirror and Luxe Lips Moisture Rich Color Balms! UGH just looking at these pictures makes me happy. Idk man this chick really knows me because these products are soooo my style.


First up! Tartan + Twine!

I’m sizing these pics really big so if you can read this post from your desktop or laptop to ensure you enjoy this in all its beauty 🙂

This compact has two mirrors, one is normal and the other has a 2x magnification so it gives you a close up when you’re on the go and need to check yo’ face.



SOOOO nice right??? It also feels very very solid in your hands so if you drop it while out & about you’ll definitely notice it (good for us clumsy people out theres!)

With the magnifying mirror I can see all of my poor pores lol. Looking at my big pores makes me a bit sad but at least now I know what I should focus on lol. If you’re the type to catch every little detail while applying or touching up your makeup I really suggest you get this!

&& I don’t know how to explain this part well but when you open and close this compact it feels good. Like that crisp *click* sound that is just reassuring and feels like you’re using something fancy and luxurious~~ I keep this compact in my desk drawer and I use it almost everyday. Totally 5/5 stars.

Next up! Luxe Lips Moisture Rich Color Balms~!


5 colors, 5 scents!

Vanilla, Nectar, Rose, Cherry and Berry! And they’re made with cocoa butter!

Dude. They actually smell hella good! I looked this product up (you can find it for 64% percent off right now btw) and this product was not tested on animals! yayyy!!! That’s always a plus<3 Look at close ups below!!


Boom. Mic drop. lol.

For the price point these are fantastic lip balms. They smell nice and do their job. Now are they as moisturizing as say, EOS lipbalms? ehh not really. But they’re definitely not the worse lip balms I’ve ever tried. Chapsticks and Smuckers are a lot worse in my opinion~~

I’m more satisfied at how nice these look for being lip balms~ They’re supposed to be color balms and add a bit of tint to your lips but I didn’t notice that big of a difference in the color of my lips. My natural lip color is a bit purple so I’d need a heavy ass lipstick for any color to show up on camera. 😉

The backs of the packaging for anyone who wanted to see it~~


I freaking loved these gifts from Karys~ Totally made my graduation that much sweeter 🙂

Let me know if you guys have ever used these products && tell me what you think!

Until next time guyssssss~! Follow me on twitter @hihunnyy for updates and talk to me! I always welcome new fransss 🙂 🙂





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