::REVIEW:: Discontinued- Maybelline Rebel Bloom Lipsticks

On the last week of December 2016 my heart broke in a million pieces. Maybelline announced they were discontinuing their Rebel Bloom lines in North America. They announced it on their Snapchat and that by January 2017 they would not be sold in stores anymore. In response to that I immediately went out and bought 3 of my favorite color-Peach Poppy. This line was meant to resemble the bloom of spring flowers~ so it was 8 colors of pastel shades and it was glorious! RIP.


This was taken the first week of January. The dreaded red sign.. clearance.. they’re hella cheap though because normal price was about $7-8. If you see these still being sold near you TAKE ADVANTAGE and buy them all!!!!

I was going to buy the last Peach Poppies..but..

Dun. Dun. DUNNNN.

Broke. LOL. I legit took the cap off and lipstick was not attached to the base!! Faulty packaging Maybelline..shame..lol. I was heartbroken for a second timee;;

I’ve always been partial to Maybelline lip products but this one was so special..I’m sad to see them go..

Have you guys ever had your favorite product discontinued?

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Until next time guys!!


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  1. It’s always heartbreaking when stellar products are discontinued. I experience the same thing when they discontinued the distribution of Garnier’s Repairing Milk Body Lotion in my country. It’s so sad to see staffs clear the shelves!

    I’ve also read your previous post about an ingredient in Garnier’s products. Very helpful, btw. 💕

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