::Tutorial::How to Read Labels on Your Beauty Products

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So true to form here is the first in my HunnyyBase series! A comprehensive encyclopedia on everything beauty <3 Kind of like a beauty database if you will 🙂

First! The basics!     ::How to read your ingredient label::

Kay, so here are some examples of beauty labels. Teeny ass print with a mountain of ingredients and chemicals I can’t read nor understand. Fear not.

The first ingredient listed is always the most abundant in the product. Most of the time this will be water! And then the 2nd most used ingredient will be next and so on~

Expiration dates!

hunnyy expiration date exampleExpiration dates will almost always be either at the top or the bottom of your container. It’ll be a cylindrical drawing of a jar with a number on it.

<- See here? All the way on the right? The little jar with the slanted lid? It says “12M” for 12 months. This means this product will last for 12 months(1 year) after you first open the seal. (NOT the 12 months from the day you buy the product or the day you first use the product. Once you open the airtight seal inside the cap that’s it.) Most products last from 6 months to 18 months.  This is a Bare Escentuals Cleanser by the wayy~

If the date is not drawn on a jar it is written in a line of numbers like 2017.12.30. The product will expire on December 30th, 2017. Easy right?

If the date on your product has already passed like 05.06.2016 don’t freak out! This format of numbers can also be used to show the manufacturing date or the date the product was made.

TIP: Just because a label says “all natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean it’s actually fully organic. This is pure advertisement. There are no federal regulations that dictate what you must adhere to to be able to name your product “all natural”. It could only be 80% organic and it’ll freaking be labeled organic. The ingredient label is the only way to know if product is truly worth your money. Read more about advertisement ploys in my post here: DON’T trust the advertising.


TIP: Even if the product doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients doesn’t mean it won’t break you out. You could be allergic or sensitive to the natural ingredients like plant oils or natural color dyes. 

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Lemme know if you guys have any helpful tips!! I’m always digging for more information!! lolol

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