::Cute Find:: L’Oreal Colour Riche Collection Exclusive!

PhotoGrid_1479948361202Heyyy happy Wednesday! So I was roaming around Ulta last night and I saw a picture of Blake Lively. I stopped dead in my tracks because I love Blake Lively duh. lol Anyways I discovered that L’Oreal has released a line of lipsticks that has shades that correspond to one of their models! This line isn’t brand new but it’s a cute concept!

So Blake Lively, Doutzen Kroes and Eva Longoria to name a few of the celebs in this line have at least 3 colors in their own shades. This line is supposed to be diverse to fit “every woman”. The picture below is Blake’s Red.

Blake’s Pink is a really light baby pink that I really wanted but the lipstick was dented.. I don’t buy damaged lipstick..yucky. Oh well.. maybe next time!

Okay that was really short but it was just a cute discovery for a Tuesday night πŸ™‚ hehe

Until next time guys!



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