::REVIEW:: Wet n Wild Eyeliner for .25 cents!!


I’m not kidding. I bought this for a quarter. Not even a dollar. PhotoGrid_1486346853014.png

This is a steal. I was at Walmart buying a space heater for my office and I happened to wander over to the clearance section.. and the rest is history~ lol

So Walmart already sells makeup at a very very low price but when they need the shelf space for newer products they toss the unsold merchandise into MY HANDS the clearance rack. So if y’all are like me and are stingy as you know what then this is what you need to do! Go to Walmart or CVS or any place that sells makeup and hit the clearance/discounted section! Go nuts! Well not really, you don’t wanna buy anything expired. Watch the expiration dates!! Also never ever buy foundation or concealer from these aisles. They could be damaged and might cause you to breakout. Only stick to products like eyeshadows, eyeliners, nail products, brow pencils, etc etc. Thank me later! Sike that sounds conceited lol

Anywayyyys onto the review!!

PhotoGrid_1486347050788This is the Wet n Wild Kohl Eyeliner in C607A “Calling Your Bluff!”  Rose Natural color~ 

It’s a very light nude color so instead of putting this on your top line use this as an underliner. Lining your underline really wakes up your eyes and brightens up your whole face. If you’re lazy in the mornings but still wanna look refreshed this eyeliner will do wonders. Of course since it’s a drugstore brand it doesn’t apply very smoothly but for the price point it’s not bad.

PhotoGrid_1486347004427The pencil itself sharpens perfectly and it’s a long ass pencil so it’ll last you awhile~

I don’t suggest you try and use this as an eyeshadow however. It doesn’t blend much at all. I tried applying it to the back of my hand and using my fingertips to warm up the product but no dice.



PhotoGrid_1486346748716The top right picture is a swatch but it’s so close to my actual skin color than you can barely see it! So I swatched it on a white piece of construction paper to compare. It actually looks a lot darker when you put it against white..idk if that’s a good thing~

All in all I like this nude eyeliner. Just be sure not to press too hard when applying cause this pencil tip is sharp as fckk when you sharpen it LOL.

Until next time guyss!!



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