::REVIEW::The Face Shop Gelset Smudgeproof Auto Liner!

PhotoGrid_1489889654011.pngHappy Sunday! Have you guys every tried red eyeliner? It’s really gorgeous if you find the right eyeliner. This eyeliner..is notttt really it. When I go shopping for makeup I look for really bright colors or unusual finds. This maroon eyeliner was really pretty so I gave it a shot. It’s labeled smudge proof gel-type eyeliner and is sold for about $8. I can’t seem to find this eyeliner on their official website but I saw it on Amazon! (I bought this at my local The Face Shop).

PhotoGrid_1489889034235The name of this shade is “03 Red” but it really should be named wine red or maroon in my opinion~

The packaging is really tiny but it says “This long-wearing eyeliner adds real color with a single application. It’s smudgeproof so eye makeup stays neat for hours-no smudging from water, sweat or sebum”.


So is it smudgeproof?

PhotoGrid_1489889576432No. Well kind of. It doesn’t smudge if you rub it or wear it for a long time. It does smudge if you put it under water or touch it before it dries. 

The left picture is right after initial application and after about 5 seconds I gave it a swipe with my finger and it resulted in the second picture. Slightly disappointing.


Something else I wasn’t really happy with was that it does not have a smooth application. I get that its marketed as a gel type pencil eyeliner but I’d rather shell out more money and just get a gel eyeliner. This is why I dislike pencil eyelinersss!! argh.

If you want the red to really pop I suggest you line 3/4 of your eye with your regular brown or black eyeliner and use this red liner towards the ends as a finishing touch. If you line your whole eye with red it’ll look like someone sucker punched you in the face or like you just finished crying. That’s the tricky part about red eyeliners and eyeshadows (Same goes for purple colors too).

PhotoGrid_1489796499829.pngHere is a shot of the swatch on my hand 10 hours after application. IT REALLY LASTSSS! Love ittt~~ Most pencil eyeliners vanish into thin air after a few hours..So this eyeliner was really impressive for such a cheap price point even though it doesn’t apply too easily.

All in all I liked the eyeliner. Didn’t apply well and isn’t 100% smudgeproof but it does last a long time. I wouldn’t buy it again but it was a nice try~

Do you guys know any brands that sell bright colored eyeliners?? Let me know in the comments below!! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Such a lovely color ! I love reds..😍 But, you’re right, not quite a classic red, more of a maroon or burgundy red. 😊

  2. Oh, and I saw you liked Korres 😁 My recommendation would be their yoghurt and rose lines ( face products and sunscreens) and lipbalms… just skip the olive oil sunscreen, worst sunscreen ever… 😁😁 You can get them online on Asos I think among other online shops (Sephora is pricey when it comes to some brands, and this brand on its own isn’t that cheap, so..) also check Apivita grom Greece.😊

    1. Omg Olive oil sunscreen just sounds like it’d burn!!yikes!!
      Is apivita a brand?? Thanks so much girlie!!!

      1. It was very thick and didn’t penetrate into the skin nicely, a felt like a greasy roast ready for the oven on the beach. 😑
        Yep, just like Korres, a natural skin care brand from Greece. 🤗

  3. It’s a great color, but I have to say it kind of confirms my opinions about TFS’ quality. Once in a while I’ll find a really great product from TFS but in general they just don’t have great quality & the skincare products often contain alcohol which is irritating. Unfortunately, they’re the only Kbeauty brand that has a shop in my city, and the price point is low enough to consider shopping there once in a while, but I always remember being disappointed by most of the things I’ve tried.

    1. Have u tried their cushions? I have their winnie the pooh cushion and its really good!! Their eyeliners are just okay thoughh..

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