::Korea Trip:: Getting a manicure in Korea!

PhotoGrid_1475638022140Is so much better than in America! Oh my gahh like a million times better. Mostly because the designs and techniques are lightyears ahead of most western countries. Gel nails are common in both but in Korea they offer all types of 3D designs and jewels and add ons~

This nail salon was in Osan near my cousins’ house. Osan is where the second U.S military base is so there’s a bunch of souvenir shops and they all can speak in English to better accommodate the soldiers 🙂

I unfortunately couldn’t get the gel nails done because we were short on time and they were so expensive.. I guess I’m just old fashioned because $50 for a manicure is so much..:(


Wahhh I love the colorsss<3

Matte colors, neon colors, sparkly colors, everything under the sun!

So this was one of many many nail boards they had me choose from~ These were regular polishes and there were separate boards for the gel nails and the decorative nails.

I picked the baby blue (dont remember which number) and a design of a bunny! I really wanted the 3D jewels but the manicurist said they’re only for gel nails…..i’m still heartbroken.. she said they fall off easier with regular polishes so they don’t offer the service at all.




KakaoTalk_20170317_221204497Final product!! Totally cute!

But!!! It was good for $30! I loved the blue..the flawless application was really great and it lasted a long time too!

Do you see the bunny on my ring finger? Pink bunny with eyelashes!! I got it because I missed my bunny back home..~~ My bunny is a boy but it’s okay! hehe

The amazing thing is the manicurist drew this freehand! Without even looking at a picture! I am not talented so I cannot even fathom doing that LOL

Sorry the quality is jank this is the only copy of the picture I could find after getting back to America 🙁



This is my baby cousin Nina getting her pedicure done~ Everyone was saying how she looked like Kim Yoojung the child actress <3

Anywayyy the people here were really chill, it wasn’t too busy so we were able to get serviced right away!

Other than the better quality of service and materials, nail salons in Korea are pretty much the same as America. Most places offer eyebrow waxing and spa treatments just like we do in the U.S!

Overall I had a really good experience~ Did I regret not getting them gel nails? Hell yess but oh well. I guess I saved some moneyy.

This will probably be the last time I get my nails done in a salon though.. honestly I do my nails myself so it’s not worth the moneyyy. RIP. lol\

Until next time guys!!







  1. That was such a wonderful & cute post…Loved it!! That bunny is adorable! ♥ I totally understand about spending more than needed on a manicure or even gel nails/fakes. I can’t afford it every two weeks, so if I want my nails done I do the same thing, do them myself. LOL!

    1. Aww thanks so much love!! Ikr im so cheap and ive gotten good at it too!!

  2. I wish I’d tried this while I was in Korea! I paint my own nails but I’m too lazy to maintain them properly so I never think a professional manicure is worth the expense of maintenance….. But I should have tried it once in Korea!

    1. Deffinitely splurge on the gel nails when u go!! And most places require appointments! I learnes that the hard wayyy

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