::REVIEW:: Holika Holika All Kill Cleansing Oil Balm

PhotoGrid_1483818686941Oil Balm!! This was my first oil balm ever and it was..pretty cool <3

So I got the entire ‘all Kill’ line from Holika Holika that included oil balm, clay to foam, oil to foam and oil water!! This oil balm is the only product I’ve tried from their all Kill line so far so let’s review!!

This balm alone sells for $15 on Amazon. DAMN. I don’t think I spent more than $40 on the entire line.. If you want this definitely do your research to get the whole deal~

PhotoGrid_1483922431316So this balm is 80 grams and lasts 12 months after first opening product. The jar feels pretty sturdy so even though I haven’t reached the bottom of the jar yet it’s safe to say there’s alotttta product in here!

Twist the jar open and there is a mini lid that has a mini scooper!  I love mini scoopers because they reduce the bacteria transferred into the jar. Cleanliness is so real my friends.. 🙂

PhotoGrid_1483317061598As you can see the balm itself is a milky white color and is super thick! When you first scoop it out it feels like soft candle wax? I can’t quite put my finger on it..lol 🙂 It has no fragrance or scent so that is a plus for me!

The directions are Korean and they say to put a small amount on dry skin and massage onto the face to slowly melt away makeup and shit. LOL I am not one with words today my bad~ Afterwards wash off with water.

The product is marketed as a “3-in-1 One step Cleanser. Point Remover + Balm + Oil“. What is a point remover?? Anyone who knows? LOL

Usually I use this balm to clean my beauty blender but the other day I was trying to use my Sailor Moon eyeliner only to discover..it dried up.. Seriously. It was a travesty. I got so agitated I shook it (what you’re supposed to do) and tried drawing on my hand. It came out really dry and uneven so I had to throw it away.. Anywayy I used the Oil Balm to wash it off to test it out!


Looking at the picture on the left I started with a dime sized amount on the back of my hand and lightly massaged for about 30 seconds. I rinsed with water and wound up with the picture on the right. It got most of the liner off but there was still a fair amount of residue left. 

Round two. Added another dime sized amount to my hand and repeat massage and rinse. That did the trick and my hand was as clean as a whistle! I feel like even if you massaged longer and harder in round one there still would’ve been residue left. This oil balm is nice but it’s not an “all kill”. It’s more like 2-3 kill LOL.

PhotoGrid_1472751261423All in all I like Holika Holika’s oil balm~ It’s really different than most cleansers out there but I do want to try Banilla Co’s Clean it Zero Balm before final judgement 🙂

Solid 3/5! <3

Until next time guys!!

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  1. Omg that oil balm cleanser looks AMAZING, I want to try it!
    I have the same Sailor Moon pen eyeliner and I’ve been “saving” it but now I’m scared it’ll dry out before I have a chance to use it – so I’m putting it in the use rotation immediately!! haha

    1. Yeah deff use it sooner than later!! Im so blown mine is all dried out..

  2. Heyy! Loved your review! Wanted to ask though how well did the balm rinse with water? 🙂 did it leave an oily residue? 🙂

    1. It took mulitple rinses and left a slight oily residue but nothing too terrible !!

      1. ohh. Thank you! will definitely pick that up when i find it in stores. 😀

  3. Love this review! Have you heard of Heimish’s cleansing balm? It’s getting quite popular lately and I think it’s the cheaper alternative to Banila Co’s Clean it Zero!

      1. It is a Korean brand, you might want to check out their “All Clean Balm”, it’s the hype right now!

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