::REVIEW:: Sephora Gift Card!

PhotoGrid_1488739525294Happy birthday to meee! This was my first ever gift card from Sephora so I was pretty pumped when I got this!!

The gift cards you can purchase have values from $25- $250 and they never expire! I got the $25 gift card and it came in this sweet box with a compact mirror!

The giftcard is the red and black lipstick one and the mirror is on the right of that.

On the right is the box everything comes in~ The back of the box has lines where you can write the To && From~ I just love the Sephora white and black stripsss…can never get enough 🙂


Close ups of the mirror! I love that its dual sided~ It is small enough to fit in your smaller bags but it does feel fragile. I feel like if i dropped my bag this mirror would totally shatter into a million pieces. If you already have a compact mirror, keep this Sephora one at home~ Safe and sound 🙂

More close ups!

That is all for now! If you guys wanna see what I bought with this gift card you’ll have to stay tuned until next week!! I have a birthday haul coming up that includes this, my Caudalie skincare products && more!!

Until next time guyss!


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