::REVIEW:: LacVert Hyaluron Lotion & Vital Emulsion

20160610_191213_wmHello hey girl heyy. I cannot find an opening that I can stick to. Legit just typing whatever comes to mind every blog post LOL 🙂

Have you guys ever seen this brand? Lacvert is a higher-end Korean skincare brand that I actually really like. It is owned by LG Household & Healthcare Group which also owns The Face Shop!

I have these two and a night cream ( that I used all up & have no idea where I put it)! These were a gift from an old friend obv cause I would never pay so much for a brand I didn’t know about~ The lotion and emulsion sell online for $14 on amazon and yesstyle.

At first glance these products look really plain but the tops are so cute. Pink transparent spin tops that give it the elegant look~ A negative is that they are the generic bottle that you have to shake to get the product out..can get messy~

Let’s start the review legoo~~

PhotoGrid_1483589998278Okay this is the Collagen Plus Vital Emulsion. Lengthy && vague title I know~ The bottle holds 220 ml (same as the lotion). Lacvert claims their products heal dryness “from the inside” and strive to use natural ingredients which is nice but you really can’t tell any of this by just looking at the packaging. I had no clue until I researched the company online.

Both the emulsion and lotion are white milky liquids that are moisturizing and unscented. In all honestly I can’t really tell the difference between the emulsion and the lotion. The lotion is a more solid white color and a touch denser. MAYBE. I wish Lacvert made them more distinguished because it seems like you pay twice for the same product.

See pictures below for side to side views!


The picture on the left is the lotion and the right is emulsion. Looks similar right?

Besides that one flaw I really liked their skincare. The 220 ml last FOREVERRRR. In a good way!! <3 And they really do cure my dryness~ these two and the night cream are so so so thick and moisturizing you really don’t need an extensive skincare routine with these in your arsenal! And they aren’t sticky on your face! Perfectt!

These pictures are from when I first got the bottles~ Ahh the good old dayss lol. I wish I could find these locally so I wouldn’t have to pay for shippingg..

If you guys have tried these lemme know in the comments below or tweet me @hihunny <3

Until next time guys!!

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