::NEWS:: Don’t Put Baby Powder on your Bajingo!


Hey guys! Sorry, couldn’t think of a good euphemism for Vagina LOL. If you keep up with the news you’ve seen that Johnson & Johnson just lost a huge lawsuit that will cost them $110 million dollars! DAMN. A 62 year old woman sued the pharmaceutical company for their baby powder which she claims caused her ovarian cancer. She had been using the powder for decades and has proven her case enough to win $110 million in damages! The baby powder contains talcum powder which is commonly used but some studies show when applied to genital areas it is linked to a higher chance of developing ovarian cancer.

I don’t know about you but this is scary. This is baby powder for goodness sake!! It’s SUPPOSED to be applied to that region. And now it can cause cancer?? Sooo I should definitely find an alternative product without talc powder to put on my baby’s butt. 🙁

Of course this huge loss for Johnson and Johnson doesn’t stop here. This just opened the floodgates and over 1,000 people have sued the company. Sounds like Johnson and Johnson are in for a rough ride. Their lawyers say they will appeal the decision and dispute the talc powder claims but the damage is done.

You guys can read the full article here: Yahoo News

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