::BIRTHDAY HAUL:: Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, TooFaced && More!


Finally! I get to show you guys my birthday haul!! If you follow my Insta you’ve seen dis!! lol. I really didn’t mean to go nuts on my birthday but I went to dinner with the in-laws and they gave me a Sephora gift card…and..impulse took over πŸ™‚

First shop! Victoria’s Secret! I got the 5 pairs of panties for $27 deal but I don’t have pics of those because just pineapples. If you watch Kevin Hart’s standup you’ll know what that means LOL. It’s just awkward haha. I bit my tongue when I bought them because I remember a few years back it was 5 pairs for $25!! It was cheaper and had a better ring to it honestly πŸ™‚

I also bought these gems~ The blue perfume is Wild and Breezy and the orange is Sunkissed. These were on the shelf next to me while I was waiting in the line for the register…Sneaky play V.S. I see you~~ lol. It costs $15 for both and I love them! I usually couldn’t care less about fragrances because I have a bunch at home but these smelled soooooo yummy!

Next is my Sephora gift card!! Yes, it came from that huge pink box on the left. A joke from my mother-in-law. But I’m keeping the box!!! It’s so pretty! Pink and gold~~ You can read the review of the sephora gift card && complimentary mirror here!

PhotoGrid_1489544398777.pngThis is what I bought with the gift card! Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. I actually wanted the Urban Decay Cannonball mascara but they no longer sell it in stores! WHYYY. That mascara is bomb.

This one?? Not so much. I’ve known about Better Than Sex forever and I had great expectations but this mascara is just not cutting it. It’s supposed to be waterproof! wah wah. I will have a full review up by next week on this..


Caudalie!! A birthday gift for being a Beauty Insider at Sephora. One free gift on your birthday month every year!

I was very happy with this gift and best part is I already wrote a review on it!!

Read here pleasee!!



^ Cake my friends bought for me from a Korean cafe we go to~ Yummyy!

That is it for my birthday haul guys!! Who else has March birthdays?? Twinnies!!

Until next time guys!!


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  1. How is the better than sex mascara? I can’t wait to set my feet in Sephora in August so I can shop my heart out!!

    1. The mascara is so bad.. its not worth the money!! Doesn’t last long and doesn’t make my eyelashes look good!

  2. Great post it sounds like you have a wonderful birthday! I haven’t tried the waterproof Better Than Sex mascara but I love the original one! That’s a bummer that it didn’t work out well for you.
    -Stephanie | http://www.nudelipdiaries.com

  3. I can’t believe you don’t like the better than sex waterproof πŸ™ heard such good things! I won’t waste my money now πŸ˜‚! Great post! ❀️

    1. Aw thankss so much!!! Yeah i didn’t like it. You should get either nars mascara or urban decays cannonball mascara!!!

  4. I do not like Better Than Sex either. I tried the non-waterproof version, and at first I thought that I liked it. But it didn’t make my lashes look any different than my holy grail Chanel Inimitable Intense. (I did a blog post comparison of the two if you are interested.) But after I wore it for about a week I kept noticing some annoying dripping under my eyes that I did not notice when I wrote the blog post. I threw the BTS away and will never buy it again.

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