PhotoGrid_1492655924029YOU GUYSSS you have no idea how psyched I am to be there this friday!!!

BEAUTY CON in NYC!  <3 Brooklyn Convention Centerrr. This is my first convention ever so I’m beyond excited! I haven’t been to NY in about two years so Im pumped for that as well!

My bestie tried to get me to go last year to Beautycon LA but I was a poor college kid and it was the furthest thing from my mind. Now I am ready and able!! I am already planning my makeup look for the convention and it will be extra glitter glam boss. Definitely not a look I can wear to the office LOL. I will be taking video and pics of the entire weekend so watch out for it next week!! And everything will be live on my twitter @hihunnyy && insta @hey_hunnyy !

So! Let’s see the box you get when you buy a ticket!!

AWWWW YEAHH. I bought the ticket in a rush during my lunch break so I didn’t even know they would be sending me a package with free goodies!! So the picture on the left shows when you first open the box! This green wristlet is basically your pass to the convention. You can even hook up your credit card to the wristlet so you don’t have to pull out your card to buy stuff that day. Pretty convenient~

PhotoGrid_1492734237543A little lipstick Patch!!

I know that patches are really trendy lately to put on your jean jackets or bags.. but I’m really not feeling this trend. I get that it shows your personality with things you like but I just don’t like altering my clothes or purses to that level. LOL

So this will stay unopened and will probably be part of a giveaway soon!! <3



PhotoGrid_1492734024849COLOURPOP LIPPIEE!!!! THE BEST GIFT EVERRR.  This was my first Colourpop product ever~ I’ve seen such amazing applications of Colourpop so this was like heaven-sent~

So this lipstick is a special collabo with Beautycon (it says so on the stick) and so I don’t think this color has a separate name. It’s a very nude color color, maybe adds a little more red color to your lips. For me it is very very similar to my natural lip color but it enhances it since it cancels out all the purple yucky color from my lips.

Bam. Sooo pretty! As you can see from the swatch it’s not a crazy color so it’s perfect for a collabo like this. This color will suit pretty much everyone every skin tonee! 🙂 When I applied this lipstick I was so surprised..it’s smells so good!! It legit smells like chocolate. Dead ass. Amaazzzingg! The lipstick is very matte and applies smooth and easy. Even if you’re not great at drawing lipstick inside your lines without a lip liner this is so subtle it won’t look bad. Ugh I love this lippie so muchh.


Last but not least this was the informational pamphlet at the bottom of the box! Told me everything I needed to know about May 20th!

I am so excited for this convention I can barely contain myself. Less than 7 days!!!!

I will recording as much as I can and I predict Beautycon vlog & review will be my very first video on Youtube!!! Yayyy!!

Will any of you guys be there this weekend?? Or going to L.A. Beautycon?? Did that one already happen yet? lol Lemme know in the comments below!! We can meet up and push through these crowds together!!! 🙂

Until next week guys!!!!



  1. Aww so lucky! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! Fave fun <3

  2. The wristband reminds me of the one they have for Coachella. Haha! Have a blast and take lots of pics!

      1. I did! Only my second time, but much better compared to my first.

  3. I’m so excited for you! Have fun on your trip to New York. Gonna stay tuned for your beautycon vlog. 💕

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