::REVIEW:: Nerium AntiAging Eye Cream & Eye Patches!!

PhotoGrid_1493771271627Hey Loviess! Happy Sundayyy! Today I have a review for a skincare brand called Nerium! Tammi Larson from Nerium reached out to me and sent me some samples of their products~ Thanks Tammi! You are the sweetest!

So honestly I hadn’t heard of this brand before and I was not compensated for this review of any of my opinions therefore everything I write is 100% my personal thoughts. 



So here is a little note from Tammi explaining the eye serum. It came with a three pack of serums (one I gave to my mom and two I used). My mom is so funny as soon as I explained what the product was she slapped it on so fast LOLOL. Antiaging is her favorite word 🙂

The next day she told me she really liked it! When she woke up that morning she said her under-eyes felt very moist and bouncy.  Later that day I tried the eye serum – see the photos below!

PhotoGrid_1494808170489Omg don’t you just love Drew in the background 🙂 He literally did it on purpose (in the other photos he made the silliest faces)

Anywayyy the bottom picture shows the actual serum. It’s a yellowish liquid and has a egg-like consistency. Not too thick, not too watery. If you’re applying this in the morning I would say wait at least 10 minutes before applying makeup. I applied it right before bedtime so I was good.

The serum feels pretty good! I’m glad it didn’t sting or anything and my under eyes felt fine the morning after!

PhotoGrid_1493771130985Next up! Nerium Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches ! 

THESE ARE BOMB.  They are cool little patches you put right under your eyes to reduce puffiness and give a cooling effect! It’s even better if you refrigerate them before using <3


Here is how they look when you open the package and apply! They look small but they covered to the top of my cheek! It stuck on very well and didn’t fall off while I walked around the house. Drew thought it looked cool so he wanted to try it and HE NEVER GAVE IT BACK. He wore it the rest of the day LOLOL. You’re only supposed to wear it for 20 minutes but there are no side effects if you wear it longer. I think I need to buy more of these just for Drew 🙂

PhotoGrid_1494808104706A close up look for those who are interested~

You can see the N for Nerium imprinted on the patch itself.

Tammi also sent me an Economy newspaper for getting involved in Nerium and other companies which I thought was really cool!



This is what my skin looked the day after the eye serums and patches! Clean and clear^^ 

All in all I really liked both products! The eye serum was a little too sticky for my taste cause I really would like something that dried a bit quicker but overall it was just fine 🙂

The hydrogel patches were totally cool and I’m definitely buying more!

Have you guys ever tried any products from Nerium? Lemme know in the comments below and catch me on instagram @hey_hunnyy – new posts coming everydayyy!

Until next time hunnyss!



  1. Cool! I’ve been looking for some hydrogel patches too but I think my dark circles are actually way too hardcore 😂😂

  2. Nerium has lot of hype by the ones who have used it.. .. It does have some innovative ingredients💖

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