::INSIGHTS:: Lip Liner- Is it really necessary?

PhotoGrid_1482975956884.pngEhh. Not really. I mean I’ve looked into the claims that it gives your lips more “dimension” and a “fuller look” but honestly who in the hell can tell?? Does anyone stare at your lips for that long? I’m a realist so if it’s not necessary I don’t use it. I’ve never been able to tell from looking at somebody if they had lip liner on. Most of the time the lip liner you use matches the color of your lipstick or lipgloss anyway.

The only practical reason I’ve ever heard for using lip liner is that it helps your lipstick not bleed out beyond your lips. Which is a good thing. But I’ve never even encountered this problem.. so nahh bro. Probably will never buy a lip liner.

Another reason people use lip liner is to make your lips look bigger. If you line your lips with a slightly outside the actual shape of your lips then apply lipstick or gloss then you get a much fuller lip effect. I however think my lips are big enough and don’t want bigger lips..Just my face cannot handle bigger lips LOL πŸ™‚

All in all, if you’re not in front of a camera where you have to look your best, I don’t think lip liner should be an essential part of your makeup routine. If you love the effect it gives then be you boo-boo. I shall reserve my money for more eyeshadows instead! ❀

Do you guys have lip liners in your makeup arsenal? Which ones do you use?

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Until next time guyss!!


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