::REVIEW:: Aritaum Jelly Bar Lipstick!

PhotoGrid_1475629747633I love jelly lipsticks!! Ever since I tried Etude House My Jelly Lips talk I’ve been infatuated with jelly texture lipsticks! I only want to buy jelly lippies but they are very rare! πŸ™ But fear not! I have found a close dupe!!
Behold Aritaum’s Jelly Bar in No. 18 Peach Lady! This is a Korean brand but the label says made in Italy..cool! Lolol

The main difference between this and Etude House’s jelly is this one is a lot more pigmented and more like a lipstick. Etude House’s is more like a chap stick since the coloring was so light and translucent.


PhotoGrid_1489369620855.pngThis is what the product looks like when applied! It is a very cherry red color~ I don’t know why it’s named Peach Lady when it’s more of a smooth red..but whatevs. It applies just like jelly! No fuss no muss no coconuts! This would be great for those who always have chapped lips and are afraid of wearing lipstick. This doesn’t accentuate imperfections on your lips at all so I really like it. The color is similar to my natural lip color but with an added brightness so it’s natural enough to not attract any unwanted attention πŸ™‚

A negative I would say is because it’s so soft and malleable it’s easy to apply too much. Then the lipstick would bleed outside the lining of your lips so check your reflection before stepping outside! Also I accidentally hit the lipstick with the lid and it smeared everywhere… πŸ™ Again this is because the product itself is so soft and jelly-like.

As for fragrance this lipstick has none. Legit I don’t smell anything even when applying it. I consider this good since that means no additives were added that could irritate your lips.

All in all for the price point of $10 I think it’s a good product. Definitely 4/5 stars~ If you’re in America and you have a local H-mart you can pick this up there! Aritaum’s website is also really good about international shipping as well~BUT if you can, wait for a sale!! Kbeauty sales are like a dime a dozen. It’ll happen hella soon~ If I don’t find another jelly lipstick I’m so buying this again..just in another color..probably an actual peach LOL.

If you guys know of another jelly lipstick lemme know in the comments below or twitter @hi_hunnyy!!!

Until next time guysss! Adios!

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