::REVIEW:: Sailor Moon Liquid Eyeliner

PhotoGrid_1475637712440WHO DOESN’T LOVE SAILOR MOON!? I usually dislike anime and manga stuff but I’ve always loved Sailor Moon. Watched the shows, read the books~ I just love the princessy- girl powa concept! So when I saw this eyeliner in Korea I grabbed it so fast bishes got whiplash watching me LOL.

It was either this liquid liner or the pencil so I got this one! It cost $20 in store and comes with a crescent cap!!

Now this is a Japanese product so the only thing I know about this product on the front side is that it is .1mm thick cause that’s in english haha 🙂

Now this isn’t a fairytale with happily ever after unfortunately.. More details below 🙁


Yay! Since this was sold in Korea they stuck a korean label on the back!! Thankyouuuuu~

The label reads ‘Moon Prism Power Makeup! In the name of justice I will not forgive smudges!! Miracle Romance moon stick liquid eyeliner in black. The first renewal version launced in Korea!’

I love how they did the catchphrase hehehe I feel like sucha princess with this on my makeup shelf!

I do wish the label had an expiration of manufacturing date though..


PhotoGrid_1489370254556This eyeliner was okay. Just okay. It was a soft brush tip that drew solid black lines~ I’m partial to gel eyeliners so I can’t say I used this product a whole bunch. The ink was very nice and smooth though! If you can control your hand then you’d get hella pretty wings with this eyeliner~ You can use the crescent cap by placing it on top of the regular cap but it’s not a tight fit. So when you put the cap on the bottom of the pen it kind of falls off.. wah wah.

Now for the unhappy ending…Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I wanted to wear this liner anddddd nothing.

PhotoGrid_1489370612064This is what I got. It completely dried out! The cap was completely shut I’m sure of it. And it was winter so it’s not like it was out in the heat all day long. It legit hasn’t even been a year since I’ve bought this eyeliner so I feel like I wasted $20.

I got so frustrated I washed this part off and googled how to use the eyeliner just to be sure I was using it correctly. I thought there’s no way it dried out this fast. Something has to be wrong.

PhotoGrid_1489370423150So online it says to shake the pen before use so I did. I shook it up and down and sideways and kept shaking~

Aaaand still nothing. See that on the left? That’s the most I could get- dried, inconsistent faded lines.. I had to press down really hard just for this to appear. Imagine pressing this hard on your EYES.

So basically my Sailor Moon eyeliner is now just a lawn ornament. A wall decoration. Uselesssss.

RIP eyeliner.. I want my money back..

Did this happen to your Sailor Moon eyeliner?? Let me know!!

Until next time guysss~



  1. I have this eyeliner too!!! I know, I realize that mine is not the only one that dried up. I try to make some strokes on the inside of the lid so that the ink comes out. I guess it’s supposed to be that way? But I still use it, though. I still believe in Sailor Moon.

    1. LOL yes i still believe in sailor moon too! Just no more of its makeup 🤣🤣

  2. Oh no, it looks like you got a dried dud! I bought the same one a couple months ago when I was in Seoul and it was perfect out of the package and still works fairly well, when the Etude House all day fix pen liner I bought on the same trip is now drying out…

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